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SIMON SAYS: “Take your mind off Losing Weight, and focus on HOW to Prevent Gaining Weight, by eating healthy Everyday!”

As a trainer, but also a ‘regular person, just like everyone else’..
there’s a misconception that it’s easy for myself to be fit and healthy,
“because I’m a fitness trainer”.. I’ll tell you right now, this is severely incorrect.

I too enjoy, Pizza, Beer, Ice Cream, chocolate etc.. As a kid I loved! sweet things, ate the above so much, but as i got older, and started my fitness career, i realised how Ignorant i was about the simple facts of what i was doing.

As you Learn more, you now Know more, you should make the Right Choices!
Sadly we don’t..
You only won’t if you are stuck in habit, allow yourself to stay ignorant, and I’ll tell you, ignorance isn’t bliss.. it’s slowly killing you.

The TRUTH is.. we’ve been tricked, sold, pressured to love sugar, it’s in everything.. even our beloved Fruit! The only thing with fruit though, is that it’s packed with lots of good stuff like anti-oxidants, the sugars are natural, no added man made, and you can’t tell me a mars bar has any antioxidants 🙂
What we’ve forgotten is that our earth provides us with loads of good food that doesn’t make us fat, such as veges, salads, nuts, and yes fruit, etc..
We’ve just been brainwashed, that they are boring and tasteless, but that our body NEEDS them.. and doesn’t need the processed ones.

BUT, we’re so focused on LOSING the weight.. we NEVER stop to say I, ME, no one else, LET MYSELF get this way.. SO, how can i STOP, Prevent this from happening again!
LEARN, Change the BAD habits for the GOOD, start living healthy, and as the Old Weight drops off slowly, you then become the YOU, you should have been.. Forever!
because you’ve LEARNT from mistakes past.. there’s no 12 week programs.. there’s no falling for the same mistakes.. as you’ll now be EMPOWERED to make the Right Choices, because you now KNOW, YOU are now the expert!

People then say, “well, still, it’s easier for you, cos you’re a PT..”
It’s not.
The truth is.. I simply EAT Well.. and i only train enough to STAY fit..
I don’t train every single day like I’m going in a fitness modelling contest every week..
I simply stick to what my body needs.
I NEED to be strong, fast, agile and fit, for Football (my sporting career)
so I CHOOSE to eat only what my body Needs 99% of the week,
and I enjoy my sweet tooth things 1% of the week.
I still need to workout Hard, as football is demanding, but Recovery, Stretching, Healing etc NEEDS to have more attention, so I’m not injured for football, to which I’d miss out.. AND THAT.. would, and has been in the past, hard for me to handle.

So i simply learnt between saying.. “do i WANT.. or do i NEED”.. and i didn’t need sweets..

So by now, as you read this, and similar ‘bla bla bla rants’ by typical fitness people.. you’re thinking, OK SIM, just tell me the damn answer! 🙂
So, the answer..
Is simply Eat Well, Exercise Well. Listen to your body.

BUT, here’s MY routine.. so you have an ‘example’
(remember this is me, not you, and NOT what you ‘should’ do advice, simply an example..
Unlike other money making trainers, who sell 12 week programs, i believe,
LIFE is simply not about 12 weeks!, it’s about everyday, forever)

SO.. I Learned about my body, it’s made of mainly Muscle..
Muscle needs to work, eat, rest and play too..
It’s food, is protein, but only what’s required, not an overdose, and MY muscles like FOOD!, not food in Drink Form! that’s for sure.. But like us, we all have Friends, and Protein has a Tag Along Friend called Fibre.. without fibre, protein is lonely, depressed etc.. 🙂

Imagine a nightclub called.. YOUR ORGANS (bare with me on this)
Protein is all those big muscle boys
Fibre is all the lovely ladies, keeping proteins in check
Nightclubs don’t like a sausage fest, so as life is balanced, they prefer when the ratio is well balanced, even slightly higher on fibre side. It keeps the party happening, fun, dancing, and far less fights (blockages)..

So MY BREAKFAST: is usually.. Eggs (scrambled or omelette) with Spinach, Capsicum, Avocado, Tomato, added.. as they are GREAT FRIENDS for eggs! 🙂

I’ll Morning Snack: on a banana and/or nut bar to take to PT.

my LUNCH: is usually either a Chicken or Tuna Salad, or same but in a Wrap..

my arvo Snack: is either an apple, carrot, yoghurt with fruit, peanut butter on cracker etc..

My DINNERS: are usually Meat and Veg, so alternating nights, Fish, Chicken, Steak, and then steamed veges.. or if i feel like cooking fancy.. a Stir Fry, a Meat and Veg Pasta etc.. but normally 5 nights out of 7 are simple Meat & Veg 🙂

EXTRAS: i also, drink a coffee of a morning to wake up for PT.. but that’s it, not 7 a day.. coffee can still be beneficial, but before activity to Stimulate Muscles, to RELAX.. But also, a simple Cold Glass of Water a day starts you off the same!
I also drink White Tea (not black with milk..) but the plain old Chinese Super Tea!
It’s like Green, but less caffeine, and loads of anti-oxidants!

MY workouts: and when i say workouts.. i mean 2 or 3 times a week i do something SHORT (30 mins), but Hard, Intense.. enough to make me hurt..
and yes people, it’s tough for me too..

THEN the rest of the week, I do activities that aren’t workouts.. they are just LIFE.
I surf, i play football (soccer), i go up Mt Coolum, yes even only walk it, I Bike Ride, I go for swims at the beach and body surf, i play ping-pong, i do gardening like mowing and trimming trees, which yes can use lots of energy.. BUT all these things.. are just regular everyday stuff to me, as i enjoy being active, doing for myself, but simply not being lazy!
(which is different, from a day of relaxing, watching football on tv)

I made CHOICES, and continue to everyday, to LIVE WELL, be an example and look after my body, simply so I CAN DO STUFF in life.
And.. it’s never about money..
or peer pressure..
or living up to hypes or perceived trends on Facebook etc.. that all trainers should be contesting for magazine covers with their bodies..

Anyone can be a PT.. But living as the expert, and not just LOOKING like one is very different.. There are millions of people, who aren’t PT’s.. that are the Best Examples of living right!

I Never think about LOSING weight..
I only focus on IF I Gain Weight.. I’ll lose my ability to DO STUFF that I want and enjoy doing. (or doing my best)

SO for each and every one of  YOU! reading this..
WHAT do you WISH you could DO, or want to do everyday, simply – Be Able to..
 or BETTER??

YOU will be AMAZED what you can do!
Stop Losing weight!

now.. go on.. Be Awesome 😉


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