Simon Says : Exercise Belongs Outdoors!

So what is SSPT about?

Bodyweight & Bands

Keeping it simple & functional.
It's getting back to basics
& focusing on perfecting technique.
Using mainly Bodyweight
& Resistance Band Exercises,
Plus the Outdoors to challenge you!.

Fun & Friendly

Every SSPT client is part of the big family we have.
You'll have fun at every session,
while still getting a solid workout.
Go at your own pace while you learn,
or if you want to be pushed, no drama!
I'm here to help you, not kill you ;)


Utilising Coolum's awesome locations, each session is built around where we train.
Strength & boxing by the beach,
running stairs at 2nd Bay,
or cardio & surf runs on the beach.
There's loads of variety!

What is SSPT?

GROUP DEAL : $100 / month - Unlimited!


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