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The BEST Outdoor Personal Fitness Training for the Sunshine Coast & your GETTING FIT option !

Personal Training is not just about weight loss & motivation, but changing your lifestyle for the best quality of life for you ! Whether your already FIT or not, personal training is for YOU.
Set routines. Create positive lifestyle habits. Build confidence. SSPT does all this & more !
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As a PERSONAL TRAINER from the SUNSHINE COAST, outdoor fitness training is my passion and i want to show you how good Exercising Outdoors can be on par with a gym or fitness class, or weight loss challenge, with a HIGH quality and attention to detail.
SSPT is extremely varied and useful of the surrounding environments.
The Sunshine Coast has so many amazing locations to exercise, including Noosa, Coolum, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Kawana, Caloundra and many more.
I base myself in Coolum Beach for the variety of awesome landscapes – beaches, parks, MT COOLUM + more, but can still come to your area to test your Fitness!
+ I’m here to Motivate you, Inspire you to greatness
+ Improve your Fitness, movement & strength.
+ Give helpful Advice on possible Nutrition tips, or ways to keep your fitness and healthy eating habits up forever, so you never fall in and out of trends.
+ Assist you to maintain a lifestyle that simply becomes you.
It is my priority to create a strong bond, trust & friendliness with my clients.
For you to enjoy coming to every PT session, look forward to the next and understand every EXERCISE and why we do it, keeping sessions simple, effective & relatable for you to reach & conquer your health & fitness goals, is SSPT’s focus.

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