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simptAnd the secret is..
There is no secret!
The truth is though, your health & fitness must be a choice, a lifestyle, a habit, your passion, your religion, a mindset, a necessity, a part of who you are!

It must be something you truly commit to, believe in, live each day, tell others about, others see it in you.
You must be an evangelist on health & fitness (that means someone who spreads the message without being sold on or paid to do so)

You just are healthy and enjoy being active regularly.

Otherwise it simply won’t work.
It’ll forever be a struggle, you’ll hate it, you’ll avoid it, you’ll end up in a viscous cycle of starting and stopping.
It may end up a doctor’s prescription.
A personal trainer’s demand.
A family’s intervention.
A friend’s advice.

What to do then?
Where to start?
What’s the solution?

Your mindset.
As I said at the start, it must be all those positive things and what are they?
Thoughts, beliefs, feelings and choices.
It is what your mind must do to make the rest of you follow through.

Only once you have set your mind onto the gauge of HEALTH & FITNESS and honestly, wholeheartedly commit to it, will you see it work.
It must come first.

It must pull rank around friends, outings, work, even people trying to sell you health or fitness gimmicks.
Seriously, not much else matters.

Work? well you can always get another job, but you can’t get another body or another life right?
If you’re too sick to work then you can’t perform properly, so it’s kind of a waste of time.

Music Festivals? So many people go to functions, events and festivals with the main focus about getting wasted? Are the bands you like that bad? Will you even remember it? Are you trying so hard to be ‘part of the cool circle’ you’re willing to chance your life away at taking something or getting blind drunk, there’s a chance it will be your last event because you went too far?

Don’t use health & fitness to justify allowing bad habits.
Don’t use it as reason to cure bad habits.
Simply cut the bad habits out, and use it for what it is.
Maybe start to actually give a sh!t about yourself!

Be healthy because you don’t want to trash your body, instead you want to nurture it, feed it, give it strength, make it immune, make it survive!

Be Fit to literally be fitter, faster, stronger!

It’s not to lose weight. To lose weight, stop putting the goddamn weight on in the first place!
One of my slightly ruder but more popular Simon Says quotes is : “if you stop eating sh!t, then you’ll stop wearing the sh!t”

I love Football!
Everyone knows it, I play, I coach, I’m a fanatic.
I never stop talking about it.
It’s who I am!
It’s my passion. It keeps me fit. It teaches me life lessons.
I’d be lost without it.
At 32 years old, I’ve been playing since I was 6, and still playing top level on the Sunshine Coast, and matching it with the new young players coming up who are 18/19 because I’ve committed myself to it.
I eat healthy to be at my best.
I maintain my fitness both at home and at football to be able to compete at the top level against younger, faster, more agile players.
If you ask anyone to sum me up in 2 words the most likely answer (other than ‘never shuts up’) is football fanatic.

secret to health, happiness and fitness is you

Get proactive.
Change your mindset.
Be passionate about your health & fitness.
Commit to it, and watch the magic happen!


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