World Gone Mad..

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SIMON SAYS: Today must be a full moon.. or have people just lost their minds, sense, whatever.. Prepare for a Rant people 🙂
So much bad news, frustrating stories, the only positive side, is it might make you want to go exercise, do some boxing etc just to let the STRESS out.. But don’t worry.. there’s Hope!

Problem: Another unfortunate schoolies death.. (and by no means am i aiming this towards the poor victim) Come on Kids, we’ve all been idiots, drinking etc, but no one looks after anyone or themselves anymore, getting smashed with drugs or alcohol is ‘so cool’ it seems to have become the main reason to exist? Is schoolies worth it?
Possible Solutions: Don’t be a sheep! Be an example setter. Get back into sport. Drink sensibly, as by the time you’re old enough to realise, it’s simply Not Cool and gets you nowhere. (it’s not called a depressant for fun..) Understand the meaning of attention, image and acknowledgement, and how it plays a part in your life. Do you seek it? do you rely on it? are the people you’re trying to impress or be friends with, really care about you, respect you etc? Probably Not. Be around those who do!
Are others getting somewhere, while you’re getting nowhere..?
So be YOU, follow your DREAMS, make them a REALITY.
I bet your sporting idols didn’t waste time being this foolish to become what they are, so get back into having SPORTING IDOLS! and work hard to achieve greatness yourself!
If you think people think you’re cool for being the Hottest! the drunkest! for starting fights.. the most facebook attention..
You should see how many people think your cooler if you were the next Kelly Slater, Usain Bolt, Sally Pearson..
Sporting Success through hard work and devotion, is more widely respected than your online persona..

problem: ‘New’ reports (on morning news) suggest Diet isn’t only what’s making our kids fat, it’s exercise too..
Maybe they should rename the news, Morning Bad Obvious Hour.
With all the TV, social media pages, everything we’re exposed to these days that Influence Us, that’s shoved in our faces about fitness, nutrition, quick fixes etc.. There seems to be a lack of actual normal education on the Simple Lifestyle Habits.. starting from the best ones, Parents! Do MORALS or ETHICS even exist any more? Wisdom, Inspiration, moral decision making, loving the outdoors, Healthy Habits, it ALL comes from our elders we grow up learning from, so where have they gone?
Kids wouldn’t eat bad, if they were taught earlier about food and restraint.
Kids would exercise more if shown the true value.

Possible Solutions: I believe we need to fight this enormous battle, by re-educating our current gen of kids and parents, there’s a Responsibility to make sure people know, learn, understand and LIVE the basic lessons of life, but BE THERE to show em the ropes!
1. Look After Yourself with SMART FOOD CHOICES, and obviously regular exercise, and the negatives of smoking, drinking, drugs etc (where’s HAROLD the giraffe in the van that visited my school as a kid, he was instrumental in keeping me away from drugs! 🙂 anyone know what i’m talking about?)
BUT if YOU (the example) don’t eat right, drink less, exercise lots, HOW AT ALL will you expect your kids to believe the same??? Agree? ! So BE THE EXAMPLE!
2. MAKE THE MOST! Kids love the sugary stuff, sitting on the computer everyday, drinking loads, because they’re given the OPPORTUNITY to DO IT MORE than the good stuff! Don’t Let it Be the Norm in your circles! Get involved with your kids or friends who need this help, GO DO ACTIVITIES – TOGETHER! go surfing, go bowling, interact, they like video games? Play with them! Don’t just yell at them! Create Healthy Relationships of Understanding, have FUN, while also educating. Your Kids or Friends will LEARN the HABITS of those they FOLLOW, so YOU must be their IDOLS, otherwise, if your kids are on the other end of the spectrum.. you don’t want to see on your kids facebook pages, their drinking, their sexual behaviours, fights, and more shameful habits..

THIRDLY: (and lastly)
Problem: WHAT MATTERS?? Gee.. where do i start?
Discipline, Dedication, Respect, Honour, Integrity, Self-respect/esteem/confidence/care.. Inspiring, Motivating.. HEALTHY LIVING!!!!!
None of these words are defining words, in more and more people we come across these days.
We’re more overweight, we drink more, we don’t help others enough, we don’t respect others enough, we dictate/control others more, we’re more materialistic, we care about Image too much, we interact less, and alarmingly, there’s less patience and tolerance for others..
You could literally go on and on, and WORST of all.. you’d nearly know 1 person in your life for EACH or ALL of these types of examples.. which anyone would be sad about..

Possible Solutions: Wow.. is there one? Yes, there’s always a positive. Firstly it’s being POSITIVE! that’s a start. Positive Energy does exist, and you see it all the time in people you meet, when you leave, you think “wow, they’re always so smiley, happy etc”. “wow, look at them, so fit, so glowing, what are they doing?”
Well, it’s separating WANT from NEED! It’s learning what’s BAD for you, and simply making the smart choices to NOT let it enter your body to damage it, yet learning what makes your body SUPER and doing and eating more of those things, to be Healthy, to never need tablets or drugs (chemist) to help. (where possible).
To stay ACTIVE as your muscles desire activity, it’s only ever your mental state that would prevent that! (unless injured)
It’s making mental notes and goals about what’s important in your life, but also how it may affect those around you. It’s understanding others and their beliefs, and being patient with them and not just react if you don’t agree.
it’s hanging with Different Circles!! If others make you do dumb stuff, then BE SMART, make friends with those who are living the lifestyle you desire, and make the changes necessary to live happy!
Don’t Blame things on others, that YOU do have control of. YOU are the the Decision maker in you life, so OWN what you decide, and decide well.

the BIG ONE.. As i say all the time.. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.. influence others through your existence.. why do so many people love icons like Bruce Lee? As a fighter, he used himself to challenge people mentally, instead of ever needing to lay a hand. He was fit, but wasn’t massive, simply exercised effectively, ate well, fed his mind well!

Open doors for others, enjoy being 2nd sometimes, encourage others towards a better path, but don’t nag them, don’t pressure them, they need to learn to love themselves first.
Avoid confrontation, be the bigger person.

We all have heard the Examples of what’s right, NOW is the time for you to CHOOSE to do them.

BE part of what makes this World GREAT!
Don’t be the other..


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