Why We Do Anything?

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We live in a crazy time. In a confusing world. What motivates us to do anything in this lifetime we’re given, is one of the most important aspects we must get our heads around.
But what motivates us to do, what we do..?

With sad recent news of the shooting in the US, and how, or why this happens, it makes you think about humans, our society, our doings, our needs, our reasons to exist..

Lets start with ourselves.
You came to this page for health and/or fitness reasons.
Firstly ask yourself why?
Do you need advice? fitness assistance? nutrition advice? I believe the hardest question is.. What got you to this stage first? Did you let yourself go?
Did you, or do you still, make bad choices in life?
Were you hurt by someone or something that made you stop believing in yourself?
Do you make choices to please others?
Were you never educated properly about what’s good for you?
Do you not aspire to greatness?
There are lots of Good questions to ask ourselves, to help you figure out ‘the Why’.. and How.. and what makes you do, what you do, in this Life.

My greatest analogy, is comparing ourselves to a beautiful car.
We love to drive it. We take care of it, to keep it beautiful.
So why don’t we do the same with Our Bodies??

In a Beautiful Car:
We only put the right things in, petrol, oil, air, coolant, the key elements to keep the engine pristine, so it runs 100%

Our Bodies:  The Coolant – We Drink alcohol more than just Water,
the Air – we smoke rather than what our bodies only need, Oxygen,
the Oil – we do drugs, recreational and medicinal, and rely on products to pump our bodies, than just good food and natural remedies to keep our ‘engines’ pristine.
The Petrol – We eat loads of crap, easy, cheap, fast processed foods, than simply the right foods our bodies NEED to function 100%

So we MUST! ask ourselves, why do we treat our most important vehicle, OUR BODY, worse than if we owned a beautiful car..???
WE ARE the only real beautiful vehicle,
so we MUST start only treating it so!

HOW? The Answer?
1) We MUST acknowledge the Problem! Admit our wrongs, Desire ONLY what’s Best
2) LEARN the knowledge needed. It it the ONE TRUE POWER – KNOWLEDGE.
When you truly Know Better, You Do Better.
3) Only do to your body what it NEEDS, not what the MIND desires. Water, Good Food, Exercise, Stretch, Keep Feeding the Mind with knowledge, it needs to stay healthy too.
4) FORGET IMAGE – the car, your body, WILL look fantastic, if the internals are well looked after, it will run perfect, IF you FOCUS on looking after the rest!

So now ask yourself, and wonder why humanity needs..
Why do we.. Smoke, Drink, Drugs, Fight, Judge, Hate..??? the list is big enough..
THEY are all UNNECESSARY for our bodies to exist, and are NOT what ‘Our Beautiful Vehicles’  need to run on.

Secondly, Our Society:
This.. well.. is in trouble enough, to not need EXTRA help from each of us.
BUT if each one of us, Simply, does what’s Needed to Inspire ONE other, then we WILL make a difference, and create CHANGE in this world, for the better.

The state of WHAT MATTERS, and what’s important to most Teens these days, is incredibly bad..
Dress Sense, ‘slutty-ness’, Guys getting massive with spray tans for music festivals, so many still smoking, drugs, drinking etc..
Where was Anybody in these people’s lives, when teaching them what’s wrong and right, mattered..?? Who’s to blame? Do you even have a clue what you’re kids are up to..?


the Problem:
Culture, it is a MASSIVE issue.. Teens are being pressured by others, by TV, facebook etc, that what matters is:
1) Getting Drunk, Going Clubbing, Going to Festivals not for the music, but because – Doing Drugs is still Cool, Smoking is Cool
2) Wearing Sexy clothing and showing skin, taking the most popular/sexual Photos to post on Social Media.. for Attention from the wrong crowds
3) Kids organising fights at school, gang mentality, zero respect for others.. which can lead to hate, and the extremes such as the terrible shootings we’ve seen on TV..
4) That Fitness is ONLY an Aesthetic influence on life, and not a health and function purpose.. not a sporting purpose
5) People going to work hard, all week, to earn money to simply spend it on what? alcohol, smokes, getting wasted, material crap they’ll hardly use?
6) Young girls/guys desiring meaningful relationships, YET, devaluing themselves for attention from the wrong people, hence making bad, unsafe decisions..

Even I thought I grew up through troubling times, now I’m witnessing people posting unbelievable things online, that even shock me, and make me sound uncool or like a grandpa..
The things that the rest of us who don’t follow these trends, were brought up on, such as idolising sporting heroes and pursuing a sporting career, respecting intelligence, having good work ethics etc, are simply not cool enough and less and less kids are following..

the Answer?:
There’s no Definitive answer, I know that, I’m not stupid. Also, I’m not trying to focus on the  Negative.. I do acknowledge there are 1000’s of inspiring people out there, I’m just saying we can’t Give Up on the ones who are Misinformed.. So we must focus on what needs fixing.
Re-Teach Kids Morals, Flashing your body, Getting smashed, hooking up.. is actually NOT COOL, but how? as some have tried.. it HAS to come from Peers.. If we can influence more kids to pursue sport careers, be respectful to others but more so themselves, that movement will inspire, because kids hate not doing what the masses do.
I believe we need to TRY change the attitudes, and Inspire ONE person at a time, so it gets PAID FORWARD. Then they will go and help influence others.
We need to re-educate kids, starting with the PARENTS influence, about what’s right and wrong, but making sure from a young age, kids will have the will power to say no to smoking and drugs etc.. But if the Parents aren’t Shinning Examples.. the Kids will most likely copy..
Be ACTIVE with our kids, and NOT letting work and functions be more important, But engaging in sport and fun times with them, so they understand good morals and ethics towards family, friends and others and don’t rebel because they think no one cares.
Throwing Money at any Problem, never Solves anything.. Too many councils, governments and even parents, simply put on, resort to, costly programs that never work..
WE NEED to focus on WHY do kids want to get smashed? do drugs, smoke etc..? Peer Pressure is the big one, so Who’s telling them, it doesn’t matter what your so called ‘friends’ think.. Good Question.

Re-evaluate your current position in life, what do you do, what choices do you make, how do you influence that, that happens around you? Are you stuck in a rut? or getting somewhere?
WHO in your life matters, how are you being there, for them? How are you helping them to understand what’s good, why they should be looking after themselves.

1) Do you DRINK excessively? Why? Your Body doesn’t need it, and it’s a massive cause of unhealthy bodies, being overweight, slowly hurting your ‘beautiful car’. You wonder why you need to lose weight? TRY lose the drink!
2) Do you SMOKE? Why? We know it’s bad for us, So STOP ruining your body, don’t shorten your incredible life you can have by doing something your body hates.
3) Only EAT what your body needs, LEARN what that is from 1 million sources, and not just your idiot friend or TV celebrity hero, who’s on a Fad Diet!
4) Exercise BECAUSE! you know it’s good for you, you don’t want to NOT be ABLE to do something active and fun in your lifetime, and never for IMAGE.
5) VALUE yourself because you Deserve it! If you don’t you will more than likely stoop to these bad trends, simply because you don’t think you deserve any better. YOU DO! you just need to start believing it!
6) CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE is vital, mingle with like minded people. Create thought provoking conversation, allow open mindedness as you’re not always right, listen, want positive criticism to help you evolve.


These are some simple LIFE ASPECTS to live by.


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