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If you want to get as FIT as you possibly can, your more serious than social and your health and fitness IS/NEEDS to be number 1 in your life.. then One on One Personal Fitness Training, is where your results will be achieved the fastest and the best.

The WHY’S? :

– 1on1, seeing it’s just you and not also your friends or peers, means you will be pushed that little bit harder, or exercises worked at higher heart rates, or higher strengths, so we progress each session and see improvement in gaining strength or completing more reps, or faster runs etc

– The focus is on YOU, no one else, no one to compare to, to keep up with, to compete, other than competing with yourself. Less time for social chit chat, because we’re here for good reason, to not just do fitness, but to really knuckle down on goals to get stronger, leaner, and better at all areas of fitness.

– Doing 1 session a week would be a great start.. But from these sessions I encourage clients about doing their own fitness at home with assistance from Work At Home Sheets, if need be.
Either way, whether it is only 1 a week, or 2-3 a week.. Together, we’ll track via fortnightly tests or check ups on exercises, how you progress (for example) from possibly terrible Push Ups.. to completing 10-15, full to the ground, perfect technique push ups. (and not lady push ups from your knees 🙂 for all of you who just thought that was going to be an easy way out)
It’s the point behind doing One on One Fitness Training, that you yourself see progession, actually feel stronger, faster, toner and more energetic than ever!

– In One on One, would you believe this is, most of the time, 80% or so of the problem!
Simple mistakes, such as not having breakfast, not eating much protein, too much sugar or salt, too many coffees, not enough water.. any of these you??
Spend time during sessions going over what you eat and what you don’t, any possible bad habits or influences that are damaging your results or goals.
Learn together what foods work for you, and what foods you may have been misinformed about, not eating enough of, or didn’t know will actually increase your metabolism or speed up your results.

– This should NEVER govern your Health & Fitness, if it Matters to you.
When chosing a trainer, Experience a session first, if it’s not hard, or you haven’t learnt anything new, there’s no reason a trainer should pressure you to continue.
First of all though, i will admit, for something that’s not worth the value being offered, simply you don’t have to do it again, but also remember it’s about how hard YOU go too, provided the session is thorough.
Some people would try blame a cost like $59 for being too much, but if you work hard, and feel, as a trainer, i push you, support you, motivate you, congratulate you, and give you helpful advice and feedback, then i promise you, you will achieve and conquer!

Compared to though, spending loads going out to socialise to ‘enjoy yourself’ or maybe feel more accepted, or buying clothes you maybe don’t need, to improve image, to feel better about yourself.. NOTHING will be more worth spending money on, than feeling super healthy, that you never get sick, or feeling ultra fit and energetic, that YOU, are the fun person to be around, because your active to say go to the beach, go bowling, climb Mt Coolum etc.. Trust me, feeling good for yourself, by yourself is by far the most rewarding of them all and something that You Will have to decide if it’s worth it.
I will guarantee you though…  it is.

– One on One Personal Fitness Training, is exactly why it’s called 1on1, it’s about 1 person, YOU, and only you, and helping to reprogram your thinking, that is about what YOU do, how YOU do it and what changes for the better YOU make.
You can’t rely on friends, in case they slow you down, or possibly have negative attitudes that damage your progress, so it avoids you thinking you NEED someone to do it with. Don’t get me wrong, exercising with a friend is GREAT, and more motivational, but when you start really seeing great results, you have to simply Get Out There and Do It! and keep your results on track.

If your Fitness and or Health, needs help, needs a new routine, or simply someone to give you a kick in the bum.. Then give 1on1 a go today!

Best of Luck!

Simon 🙂

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