No More MR.Nice Guy!

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No more Mr.Nice guy 🙂

Workouts with SSPT are about to Heat Up!!

For awhile i’ve noticed, the simplest of exercises aren’t always what people consider the best ways to get or stay fit, trying to find other methods, trendy classes etc to get to their goals.
it’s funny that the simple exercises have been around for SO long, and people dont stick to the fancy methods, dropping out of routines only days,weeks or a few months into them.

Well SSPT is about to AMP UP sessions to challenge everyone to question Pushups, Squats, Sprint Drills and more, ever again.
Bruce Lee did them, top athletes do them, top selling commercial magazines, experts and tv trainers still promote and recommend them..

Simon Says: I dare YOU, to challenge yourself at 1on1 or Group sessions with me!

A session can include a mixture of areas:

  • Core
  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Plyometrics
  • Boxing/Kickboxing

Or if doing 1on1’s, spend each session focusing on one at a time.

Mind You.. All this only works to 100% if you eat well, and look after yourself.

But come along, try a session, and see just how keeping it SIMPLE, can still make a Huge Difference!!

(for the dedicated, or people focused on acheiving a goal or two.. check out the 1on1 page under Pt Options for the VIP package price of $40 sessions)

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