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Don’t let YOU stop YOU from becoming YOUR best!

We are ALL responsible for Our Own Lives and NO ONE can blamed, other than ourselves if we..
1. Put on Weight
2. Have unhealthy Eating habits
3. Live in amazing locations, like us here on the Sunshine Coast, and never experience the outdoors such as Mt. Coolum, the beach, Nature walks etc
4. Can’t get Fit again
5. Hate exercises or can’t do them
6. Work too much
7. Can’t Afford it
8. Have no one to do it with
9. PT doesn’t work, or Gym doesn’t work, or Classes don’t work (i’ll just stop eating..????)

This list could be a thousand times longer for some, with even more ridiculous reasons, sorry, EXCUSES.. but in the end, you have to OWN IT.
It’s YOUR FITNESS.. no one else’s.
It’s YOUR HEALTH.. no one else is shoving bad food down your throat.

If it’s raining, do you say.. “oh no, can’t go exercise now”
If it’s cold.. “oh my bed is so warm, plus i’m tired still”
If you have work in 4 hours.. “oh i have to work soon”

Ask yourself.. do you find yourself ‘pointing your finger’ at reasons for your struggle?
OR do you think you SHOULD be raising your hand in the air, as YOU are possibly the one pulling yourself down the mountain, each time you try climb to the top?

Logic is, that if you exercise more than you eat, do a mixture of core, strength and cardio, and not just walk etc.. Even find an outdoor bench (eg. pic left) to do some push ups, tricep dips and step ups on..
AND you eat well, frequently enough, not skipping meals, having good portion sizes, eating things in moderation, drink plenty of water, favour a high protein and fibre diet compared to processed, packet foods etc..
AND you don’t smoke, do drugs, or drink much alcohol..
THEN, logically, you should be fit and healthy and rarely get sick and even more, you’ll FEEL GREAT, be Amped for fun activites, maybe take up a team sport, but best of all..


Since you’re reading this, i’d love to let you know, I’m a PT!
Who’d have thought? 🙂
I also play competitve football (soccer) so i believe for my fitness advice to be worth every word, as i have to LIVE IT myself, or i can’t promote it’s benefits and methods.

I CAN assist you getting your FITTEST, eating healthier, and feeling energised, and i back myself for my methods and the results based on how much/how fast i run and how strong i feel, on the football park, as i can have NO EXCUSES for my coach.

SO.. if you want KICKASS fitness results.. and to start feeling amazingly AWESOME..
and you’d like ME to Help you Get There..
then you can have NO EXCUSES! 🙂

What are you waiting for?


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