it’s ALL on YOU

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Your health, is all on you.
How often you get sick, is all on you.
How strong or weak you feel, is all on you.
What extra weight you carry around, is all on you.

Everything you do, is ALL on you.

YOU know this, you’re not stupid right.
Or maybe..?

If you don’t care about you’re Health & Fitness, who will?

Question is, what are you doing about it?

Only YOU are making yourself either Better or Worse..

Are you a victim of The Expectations Effect.
Are you drinking, eating junk for someone else?
Because of someone else?
We go out, drink & eat crap to hold up some kind of expected duty to others.
It’s like a secret hidden rule that if we go out, we have to consume all this shit so people don’t judge us?
You might say that’s not the reason, it’s to have fun?
ok, well how boring must your circle be, if you need all this just to ‘have fun’..?
is it then worth it afterwards?
I’m not saying give up all alcohol and treats etc, but how often do you do it?
How much do you consume?
Is it one of the main reasons you’re then training?
To always be losing weight??
Are you just getting stuck in a vicious cycle of Gain & Train?

Your Health MATTERS.
Your Fitness also MATTERS.
How YOU look after YOU, MATTERS!

It’s never about body shape.
It’s never for anybody else.
Forget people’s expectations, or holding up a persona or stereotype..

WHY it really matters that YOU care!
It’s about longevity.
It’s about mental health & brain function.
It’s about feeling able enough.
It’s about gut health.
It’s about avoiding or preventing sickness.
It’s about avoiding or preventing injuries.
It’s about taking care of the only REAL ASSET you own!
it’s about LIVING the longest, happiest, healthiest life you possibly can.

But also understanding what YOU might be doing that’s harming that..

How you feel and function every day, is a result of how YOU have been looking after you..

Forget the motivation, start doing it because it MATTERS.
Because it’s necessary.
Because it’s Your Life!

Self assess.
Become self aware.
Start making smart decisions for YOUR health & fitness as if it’s a newborn, your prized possession, that once in a lifetime opportunity..

Because, YOU actually are, ONCE in a lifetime.


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