Its All about FOOD

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How do you get the BEST results..??
What works? what doesn’t?
How do you tone up the faster?
How can you get a flat stomach??
The Answer….  (Drum Roll)… “It’s ALL about FOOD!”
Yep. It’s that Simple!
When we (us trainers) blabber on, about, do this, and do that..
Change this, or try that..
What we’re ALL trying to simply say.. is Just Eat Well !

Every question above, and the other 1000 you may have about what works, what equipment to use, what gym to go to, what to wear.. they all don’t matter.

SIMPLE RULES to understand:
1) YES, exercise works! and YES do it to be FIT, but not to justify slim bodies, but continuing to EAT BAD! It Doesn’t mean, go and do insane amounts of exercise everyday, it means Enough to do what you want/need to do in life, stay agile, not feel old etc
2) EAT WELL! We could just stop here, but some need/like more detail.
Eating well means, to LEARN what’s good for the body, and why. What foods, do what. BUT it also means to NOT do what the body doesn’t NEED.
THAT will only ever be YOUR ISSUE!
Drinking alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, Junk Food etc etc..

The number one question everyday people, clients or not, ask me, is..
“How do I get a Flat Stomach?”
my answer.. simply..
“If you don’t Eat the S!@#..
You won’t Wear the S!@#”

SO.. attached to this post..
I have included an image of myself, to show me during my football season, compared to me currently during my off season, resting injuries and doing ZERO workouts for over 2 months (oct-dec 2012).

Now firstly PLEASE understand a few things..
Unlike some trainers who constantly post images of themselves ripped, sexy, sweating, looking SUPER HOT! (apparently)…
I’m only trying to show a representation of my body to prove Healthy Eating CAN mean you can stay within a healthy body shape, whether you’re a Trainer or Not!
Yes, you might roll eyes and say, pfff… ego head.. i understand pt’s in this current climate aren’t exactly humble, image has become a huge selling point in the fitness industry, but even though I’m eccentric and talk a lot.. one thing i don’t do, is rush to show off, or act tough. I promise 🙂
NOW, I am always honest, sometimes too much, at the worst of times ha, But i can admit (and you can ask my other half) that i still on weekends, eat gelato, after the beach, or pizza while watching football on tv on sat nights, but 99% of the Rest Of The Week.. is HEALTHY EATING.
My typical routine is:
Banana, then go to pt
Eggs for Breaky
snack mid morning, either nuts, bar or fruit
Lunch is usually Meat and salad (or same in a wrap)
another arvy snack, and more PT
then for Dinner, usually Meat and Veg.
In addition, i drink water, and White Tea, and in the mornings a Coffee.

But that’s the same old thing every day..
But that’s Me.. might not be for you.
But something is.. My challenge to you, is not exercise, but working out, and sticking to a HEALTHY EATING LIFE LONG LIFESTYLE you are passionate about.

Give it a go.
See if I’m wrong.
Ask me Questions..
Or come to PT..
Do what’s right for your body, don’t Trash it.. it’s not your mates, friend’s house 🙂

The choice has, and always will be..


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