Fitness is NOT a Haircut!

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Fitness is NOT like getting a hair cut!
(Getting it done from time to time will keep it looking great)
Fitness is NOT a trend!
(copying your fav celebrity diets of routines doesn’t mean it will work for you)
Fitness is NOT always a competition!
(only working out to prove something, to beat a friend, to facebook a hot pic for attention)

Whatever you relate FITNESS to in your life that could be SUPERFICIAL, and/or for illogical reasons, you MUST change your outlook on the word FITNESS.

If fitness isn’t an everyday PASSION..
An activity to ‘Get out of the House’..
An appreciation of life and your surroundings.
A gratefulness of simply ‘being able’, feeling young enough to try activities, to be flexible enough to pick up something, tie your shoes without your back hurting, climbing a mountain not for speed or toning up, but to appreciate the view, the fresh air.. To go and enjoy company of your friends without thinking, “crap, they want to do something that involves me moving lots..”
THEN STOP using the word fitness..
STOP telling yourself you “going to do Fitness”
STOP saying ” i go to fitness classes”

I’m going to have FUN, to be ACTIVE, to do SOMETHING,
Because Come On People..
the real thing we need to acknowledge is
we can be Lazy..
have no Discipline..
Make dumb choices to do things we know aren’t good..

CHANGE your Mindset, your Attitude towards your passions and beliefs..
as basically, i can’t tell you how great life is,
LOVING being active, Loving Sport, loving to try new things, loving to go marvel in athletes abilities to which in turn inspires you to want the same, but mainly, LOVING being FIT and Healthy WITHOUT having to say it..

Want this…?
It’s easier DONE than said..(this time)
or cos SIMON SAYS 😉 ha

and on another note..
for anyone who may think as a fitness trainer, my job is easy, telling people motivational quotes, giving out exercises.. or even that i don’t do much for a job.. well yes, that stuff can be, or personal training can seem so..
it is great getting up everyday to torture people 😉

But the real challenge is INSPIRING change,
to hand out FREE Knowledge and HOPE it’s implemented,
to be an EXAMPLE of living Fit, Healthy, Happy..

ONLY YOU can be fit and healthy for YOU, you are Never Buying It, (as it comes down to your efforts and hardwork) You’re only investing in Passion, Influence, Knowledge, and ALL PT’s offer something.. but in the end, it’s all the same, someone trying to show you LIFE can be AWESOME if YOU want it to be, and the WAY HOW, is all we want to show you!
ALL pt’s are or were just regular people too.. doing more than you is the only difference, the over the top ones or muscle bound ones are just doing Loads More.. for the lifestyle THEY want to live..

the SIMPLE version is just
BE HEALTHY, just get out and
DO SOMETHING everyday, give more time to LIFE and not WORK, STRESS, and other things that seem to never change..

LIFE is short if you do nothing,
or the same old S!@#..

So GO.. Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Inspired to BE and not just an addition to your furniture at home 🙂


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