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Why the sand under our feet & the water splashing against us MATTERS.
I post this typical looking insta photo, because it’s seemingly what’s required these days to GRAB attention.. ?
BUT, every Saturday morning I go filming, either with my drone and/or cameras for my other biz @anotherwayvisual
For work obviously.
The main reason though, is that most of the time, I just get lost in the beauty of the ocean, the sounds, the appreciation & gratitude I have to live in place like Coolum.

So why is it important?
Because we’ve become so connected to Social Media ? we’ve disconnected from Real Life ?
? Health & Fitness isn’t just workouts, isn’t just ‘working to be successful’, definitely isn’t posting the perfect picture to sell an imaginary perfect life..
? HEALTH, is connection.
Connection to people, saying hi, hearing their stories, face to face, real social connection.
? It’s connection to the Outdoors. The feel of the sand, the water, the mountains, that you are an equal part of this floating ball in space, not the single most important one.

We’re existing more in a digital space these days, we’ve forgotten the connection we so need with real life.
Sitting on the rocks, watching the waves break, surfers catch waves, will give you more value to your health than any amount of likes & comments.
Get outdoors this weekend.
Grab the family, friends or even just yourself and find a place you can just take it all in. Without the need to post about it..
IF you can’t help it, at least soak it in for an hour first and don’t post 8/10ths of the photo with your damn face or cleavage in it.. ??
? Let’s see if we can encourage more Real Life Connections.
See how healthy we all start feeling ??


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