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Hey everyone!
The Updates to this NEW site,
from the old site are going on still, at a SUPER pace to make sure all the new 2011 stuff is going up for your Fitness & Health needs.

Resistance Bands and Clothing:
2 sets left
of the pack of Resistance Bands i sell and USE in my sessions, Pictured Right, from the last shipment (i do get regular shipments in case you miss out).
Only $50 for this awesome set,
you simply cant get this many bands with 100’s of exercises to do, from any store.
Use them anywhere, anytime.
Clothing is also coming to SSPT, pictured right, are some of the styles of singlets, long T’s and rib singlets coming soon with motivational phrases and graphics to help get you pumped for working out, or looking and feeling good while working out 🙂

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