Sports Stars are just like us

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Simon Says: We all envy, respect, and admire sports stars who have achieved amazing greats in their careers.
Tennis players, golfers, footballers, swimmers etc.
What we must acknowledge is, they are just everyday people like all of us, but, they became something More, because they dedicated themselves to greatness, make no excuses, passionate and continue to strive for better results, Everyday.

We ALL can become something great if we Choose to dedicate ourselves to betterness and let Nothing get us down!

They (sporting greats) wanted something bad enough, they worked hard for it!

When you put your health & fitness #1, you can achieve anything, for those who “work too much”, remember, don’t Live to Work, Work to Live!
Think about it.. will you be able to work if your health & fitness suffers?
Even if you could.. work sucks when you’re sick, you can’t do it 100%
AND.. will you be defined as ‘someone who just worked’..? Or do you deserve better?
Yes you bloody well do!! 🙂

Simon Says: work will always be work.. but..
Greatness comes to those who Take It!
Want More and then Do More and you will only Achieve More!

So what do you want? What are you prepared to do about it..?

Remember the Simon Says Quote for 2012.. “Get It Done!”


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