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Doesn’t matter how many posts you may read..
How many trainers you’ll hear it from and how much i find myself also finding new ways to say it..
The ball is always in your court!

It’s only up to You!
You can hire a trainer..
Go to a gym..
Or exercise with a friend,
But how hard do you chose to train? how often do you cancel or postpone? do you honestly do enough a week or when you do train, do you train properly?

No one, other than ourselves, can truly be kept accountable for our fitness and our health.

Having someone guide you through the knowledge of how to do that, is what trainers like myself are here for, but unless you Practice Living It Everyday and not use fitness and health as a thing you only do once you’ve gotten to a bad stage, or see it as a chore, it will forver be a hassle and a massive challenge to overcome.

If you are doing things that BURDEN your health.. simply acknowledge it! and put a stop to it!
See it as a poisonous part of your life that’s trying to pull you down and ruin you, if you associate enough negativity with it, you should hopefully get rid of it!

When it comes to exercise, always pretend like you’re going to soccer practice to be the best, and to do that, you must train hard! Like the most skillful soccer players, you must have the best Technique! Don’t ever let yourself down! If you feel you’re having trouble, ask your coach why? and ask how to do it better! that’s why we are here!

Everything CAN be simple if you simply apply yourself and WANT IT!

Keep exercises SIMPLE
Make sure they are EFFECTIVE
Never make EXCUSES

SIMON SAYS : simply want the BEST out of yourself


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