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SIMON SAYS : what if you look at things from A DIFFERENT VIEW?
You may just get a different perspective..

WHY is it a lot of people only train & eat when it’s necessary to define their life by improving their looks?
Why not, THE WAY you train and eat will inevitably govern your looks, but will define your life..
I’ve mentioned this too many times to count, but have you ever noticed..
Those who regularly exercise WELL and regularly eat WELL.. barely talk about both, unless speaking passionately about what they’re up to next etc..
(and NO! I’m not talking about fanatics or Insta Influencers trying to sell you something or talk about themselves..)
But simply those who say go surfing often, climb mountains, do a social/comp sport etc
But they NEVER mention their looks!
Or at least how it impacts it..
“I just surfed for 6 hours, check out what it’s done for my serratus anterior!”
There’s those who ONLY speak about what new diet they’re trying because they lost a lot of weight recently, or what new intense exercise they’re trying.. that’s SO GOOD.
But both are mainly in regards to their new looks?
Yet you know soon enough, they’re going to tell you about the next new diet, or how the current ones don’t work anymore..
So try.. take A DIFFERENT VIEW
Train or Exercise based on what activities you’d like to do REGULARLY in your life and then REQUIRE a permanent fitness level!
Also, based on your lifestyle & abilities!
In other words, is your job or daily habits, ruining your body because you sit, stand or move things, too much that your body is taking a toll, and then impacts your exercise badly, which in turn, then halts your training?
Know your FOOD.
What each different type does for your body, how much is vital or too much, what kinds you need to eat to balance your training, so it helps your body to grow strong, heal fast and maintain overall good health.
AND.. CUT BACK THE ______ !
So.. if you’re not IMPROVING your Fitness & Health over time, Maintaining it and staying injury free, OR hitting walls trying to figure out what’s not working..
It’s time..
To take,


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