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Screenshot_2015-08-03-13-49-30The best health & fitness motivation would have to be.. kids!
Whether you have kids, or want kids, they should be able to look up to you as their idol, their superhero.
How would it make you feel to be ranked in their minds higher than a top athlete, greater than the greatest leaders or idolized more than the most famous celebrities?

More than you can imagine.
You are their Yoda, their Zeus, their Spartan Warrior King!

For those who have kids : 
The lifestyle you live has a greater impact on your kids than you know. When they’re toddlers they soak in everything you do & say, you just don’t know it. As they become more aware, they mimic you, what they see is apparently to them what is right, as they know no better.
If you eat healthy, then they eat healthy.
If you are regularly active, then they most likely will be too.
You are their adviser, their teacher, their coach in what’s right & wrong.
When you are being fit, and strong, you are their Arnold Schwarzenegger, their Usain Bolt, their Ronda Rousey, their Superman or Wonder Woman.
When you start getting over-weight and being lazy, mainly sitting around drinking and watching tv, you become one thing.. their disappointment.

IF you want them to listen to your advice as they grow, depend on what you say being the truth, you must lead by example!
Be the leader you want them to think you are.
Cut the bullsh!t habits out. If you smoke, they will more likely end up smoking.
If you drink regularly, even if you think it’s not much, they might start to also and can end up more heavily than you’d hope.
Avoid taking any chances with their lives, by doing what’s right for you, now!

So, start being fit, active & healthy, everyday, for them.

For those who want kids : 
Getting fit and healthy is about getting your sh!t together. For women, your body must be a temple, a place of paradise for them to grow in. For men, your health determines, let’s say, how strong & healthy your best swimmers will be. If a couple can both be active and healthy leading up to when the time is right, even there’s no full proof guarantee, you still give your offspring the best chance possible to be the healthiest they can be in life with little complications.
Do you want little legends to be proud of, who live a life you’d want for them?
Or lazy losers who constantly remind you of the job you’ve done, as if looking in a mirror?

Sounds harsh, but you can still decide which one of these is your outcome, based on your actions today.

For the young people looking ahead :
Don’t go trashing your bodies by getting drunk, smashing the drugs down and jumping into bed with whoever without protection. You’re setting yourselves up for disaster. Plus it’s not cool, you think is, or someone made you believe it is, but it isn’t. Seriously your not.
Don’t think mistakes you make at a young age, won’t have an affect at a later stage somewhere.
We’ve all been ‘know it alls’ when we’re young, only until the ‘sh!t hits the fan’..
And yes, we all learn from mistakes. But if you follow good advice, or one day can be that good advice, both you now, and your offspring can make less mistakes, or at least ones that create far less damage to your futures.

So, start being fit, active & healthy, everyday, for them.

For those who think they no longer need to :
So let me guess, you’ve had kids and they’re all grown up now making their own choices?
Or maybe you’re not planning on having any?
Well unfortunately that’s no excuse.
You are, or can be someone or some young child’s inspiration, idol,  or superhero.
Whether it’s a friend’s child, kids you train if you’re a sporting coach, or even a teacher at school.
An older parent, or grandparent can still make your family proud if you choose to live fit & healthy into your old age.
It never stops.

YOU still can be that Fit & Healthy example for them. You will be the motivation they desperately need.

SO SIMON SAYS : do it for the kids!
Be your kids Superman or Wonder Woman!


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