Don’t be Sold BULLSH..

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SIMON SAYS : Everyone is trying to sell you something..

But you already possess everything you need!

2019 is here, and tis the month to sell you.. well, anything.
Social media isn’t doing anything new either, it’s just amplified it, as nowadays everyone is ‘connected’.

Selling you the latest craze, the best way to get fit, the amazing supplements that will ‘fix’ your health, it’s all pouring down like a horrendous storm.

Based on your insecurities or gullibility.
In other words.. Fear.
the BEST motivator around..

Have you noticed how many news and morning breakfast shows are promoting Get Fit Programs, or New Diet Trends, or Amazing devices, apps or equipment?
Because it’s the time of year, we’ve all indulged, maybe a little too much, they know you’ll be saying, “RIGHT, new year, new me” so they will prey on your fears of body image or social acceptance and promise you a quick fix, we all know either doesn’t work, or only just works for a small period, before you end up in the deep end again.. just to re-purchase it, or try another trendy fix.
THEY WANT YOUR MONEY, and they’ve become awesome at selling Ice to Eskimos.

Now, (my occasional Social Media bash..)
Have you noticed how bad it’s really getting?
Feeds filled with fitness ads, supplement ads, fitness programs, so called ‘influencers’ posing with the latest Protein you should be, but aren’t drinking..
They aren’t influencers, they’re Brand Ambassadors.
Social media is simply, one giant selling tool.. we’ve all seen it recently with Facebook etc getting grilled by governments over their handling of our data, security and using it to target advertising at us.
Most people know it, but don’t care enough to take notice, because we’ve bought into what they’re selling, we’ve become addicted to Following!
Ooo, what is that celebrity doing, what are they wearing, what drink is that, where is that selfie spot..
and NOW!

The clever selling tool social media uses is IMAGERY!
Post a sexy photo, a happy photo enjoying a product, place.. or just themselves..
Even just a nice photo, but asking you to TAG A FRIEND.
IF the photo appeals to you, makes you envious, whatever.. it subliminally convinces you to engage more, follow more, tag and post like crazy.. you become a soldier to the cause.

So don’t fall for pretty. They’re counting on it.

Magazines, newspapers and older methods of advertising are dead or dying.. why?
Because now brands just need to find the latest cool dude, or plastic girl with a billion followers, pay them to wear something or pose with it and BAM! 1million sold!
And yes, you can count on a million selling, because the nature of following is to make you so hooked on the people you follow to influence you to want what they have.

So, instead of my usual long rambling, I’m just going to reiterate my headline and get to my point.
You already have what you need.

and.. what is that?

You have the ability to do exercise, right?
You can walk, jog, run, bike or swim?
You can do a push up on a kitchen bench, a seated bench, off your knees, or feet?
You can Squat, Squat Hold or Lunge?
So Exercise Basics, you CAN do.. it’s just a matter of DOING IT and REGULARLY.. correct?

You have access to Fruit, Veg & Meat? (or whatever protein you eat)
You understand the basics of healthy eating right?
You could eat a few times a day?
You could stay off the junk right?
You could cut out alcohol too?
So you don’t really need any crazy diets, meal programs, supplements etc?

So you know you could commit to something better than what you’re doing, IF and only IF your health needs a little boost or tweak?
Then the only thing you may need is just a little more Knowledge, on say, what veggies do what for your body that you could eat more of? sounds good?
AND.. maybe, what foods should you eat before and after workouts that promote fuel, recovery and muscle building?
SO you don’t actually need to buy anything!
Just continue to LEARN, read more, question it & compare it, until you find what foods and what exercise work for you, that you can stick to, not for an 8 week challenge, but for a LIFETIME
Practice makes perfect.
Your BODY being active and normal everyday HEALTHY FOOD is all you need, just on a DAILY BASIS


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