Trainer Biography

Simon Gerbic
AGE : 33 years
HOMETOWN : Coolum Beach, QLD, Australia
CREDS : Cert III & Cert IV in fitness, First Aid.
PT since : Q4 2007
Football : Player since age of 6 (20+ years) & Coach of 7+ years

Hi, my name is Simon Gerbic.
I have lived in the Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD area my whole life and have been overly addicted to the lifestyle here, which is surf, sun and fun. With this as my backdrop, finding myself now in a career of outdoor personal training was the best choice I’ve made, due to my love of the outdoors and being energetic. Helping others to feel good too, was just the next step.

I have been into football (soccer) as a player/fanatic since the age of 6, and continue this love affair by currently playing for Coolum FC 1st division as a midfielder and have captained the side in previous years. Also i coach the Premier Ladies team at CFC and find it to be the most rewarding addition to my life of health, sport & fitness.

Also as a youngster i participated in ‘nippers’ which is junior surf life saving, for Marcoola, where i developed much needed skills such as swimming in the surf, wades, beach sprints, catching waves and more, which came in handy for competition, but mainly for surf survival skills for the rest of my life.

During this era for me, when i hit about 7 or 8 years old, i became very enthusiastic for sprinting and from the age of 8 till my final year of school, yr 12, i never lost a 100m sprint, which is something i stand proud of ever since. I finished nippers around age 10 to focus on football and school sprinting, to which i went to state trials for sprinting in 100m and 200m, but was struck a huge blow, but tearing my hip flexor in a 100m heat against the QLD champion. As sprinting is a very beneficially training method and can keep anyone at peak fitness, recently watching the Beijing Olympics inspired me to get back into training with the unbelievable efforts of Usain Bolt, who i admire & idolise very much.

I decided to become a Personal Trainer in 2007, and focus on the Sunshine Coast area, as we have some of the most amazing outdoor training locations for staying fit, but utilising an environment’s atmosphere can boost the effectiveness of every session. Also, most of my past jobs were in either retail or customer service, so serving or helping others is something I’ve enjoyed doing for a logn time, and can see being my career indefinitely.

Being such a sport-a-holic made me realise i had to exit a regular job status and find a career that was energetic, fun, improving life for not just others, but myself, but something i could wake up to everyday, know i was doing something good for the community of Coolum Beach and surrounding areas, but mostly have something so enjoyable and rewarding to wake up to, that i would no longer have to say.. “Oh, i have to WORK”.

As they say, when you’ve found your passion, and can do that as a career, it’s no longer considered.. working.

I hope from here on in, to continue, inspiring, motivating and assisting as many people as i can encounter for as long as i possibly can.

Hope to see you too !

Simon Gerbic.