+ WHEN are Groups? – Currently running group sessions are posted each day on SSPT’s Facebook Page
OR you can find current times on my Available Times page, or you can start your own by messaging me.CURRENT REGULAR GROUPS : 
6:00am – Mon, Wed, Fri
5:00am – Tues, Fri
5:30pm – Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
*Mums’n’Bubs 8am/9am Groups – click here

+ 1 hour GROUP fitness sessions
+ Best option for Easing into fitness or getting back your fitness. You don’t need to be Fit! Its ok, that’s why you’re coming, everyone goes at their own level 🙂
+ Back To Basics – Basic strengthening exercises relatable to you, plus core, cardio and boxing too!
+ Progression – Start at your own level, gradually raising the bar, every single client starts unfit!
+ Location Variety – Parks, fitness stations, boardwalks, the beach, Mt Coolum & more.. Stay energised with different locations.
+ Nutrition & Goals – Take home sheets to keep yourself accountable
+ Stretching (finish sessions) – Realign, Recover, Walk away Feeling GREAT! 🙂
*Group Rates (as of July 2012)*
+ $20 each ! for Group of 2
+ $15 each ! for Group of 3 & up
+ For PAYMENT Details – Click Here
+ Want GROUP Rewards? – Click Here
+ Getting your Fitness STARTED
+ Haven’t done a lot in awhile? Don’t be intimidated, group PT is fun, but still tough, with other friendly clients make you feel at ease.
+ A bit of Everything. Core, strength and cardio drills.
Relatable fitness, based on simple exercises you use or perform on a daily basis, so it lasts forever. Not just a trend you’ll do for a month
+ Try 1on1 fitness sessions for that edge – CLICK HERE > ONE – on – ONEGROUP PHOTO GALLERY Coming soon..