Simon Says Personal Training (SSPT)

Is OUTDOOR FITNESS training based in Coolum Beach, on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.
utilises a huge variety of outdoor locations from Parks, Beaches, Stair Sets, Boardwalks, Mt Coolum and more!

SSPT is FUNCTIONAL FITNESS based around movements you use everyday that relates to your life.

SSPT is SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, BASICS and is the motto I stand by.
Simple : Exercises that anyone can do.
Effective : That they are useful for YOU, based on the movements you will perform in day to day life.
Basics : Focusing on just the exercises that work, that have always worked, that cover all muscle groups and avoids giving you too many to do, that you’d become unmotivated.
Basic body weight strength exercises such as push ups, squats, tricep dips & lunges.
Basic core, stability exercises as plank holds, side planks, & balancing.
Basic cardio such as jogging, running, swimming, bike riding etc

SSPT is about EDUCATION, covering the WHYs of fitness & nutrition.
What exercises work.
How they work.
Why the work.
Fitness based on only what’s necessary for you, your purpose, as everyone is different. E.g Footballers train for football, are required to train to very high levels to last 90 minutes of high intensity games. But someone not playing competitive sport, wouldn’t need such tough workouts.
Nutrition being based, again, on your everyday needs. Food for function is what i preach, as some over indulge due to an emotional connection to it, rather than seeing it as only eating what’s necessary to power your body, keep it healthy, avoid sickness etc.

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As far as myself, I have been a personal trainer since 2008, but also an avid football (soccer) player since the age of 6, and loved anything active such as surfing, skateboarding, sprinting & more, my entire life.

So you could say fitness, an active lifestyle and eating well, to maintain high energy levels for all of this, is a huge part of my life and why I chose to show all of you how exciting life can be when you are FIT, HEALTHY and ACTIVE 🙂
SO, get into SSPT NOW to if you want to learn how to get fit, stay fit, eat healthy, know your food and understand how to keep this up as your lifestyle for the rest of your days.