You your own Anti-Motivator?

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Simon Says: Are you your own ANTI-Motivator??
Ohhhh bed is too comfy this morning.. Too hot.. Too Rainy.. etc?

Don’t make exercise the devil CHORE then in your mind, associate with positive ideals.

Go for a Bike Ride, Go to the beach and body surf, or play games with the kids in the park, even playing Wii at home or Xbox Kinect where you have to Move alot! Find things at first that make exercise fun, or if hot, cooling.. And you’ll find Purpose!

Maybe Buy Kickass NEW exercise Clothes, or Shoes or Resistance Bands or anything that make you excited to do it!

IF STILL you just can’t do it, get a friend to send you ‘Guilt Trip’ Texts about Moving your Ass! 🙂 or even get them to drag you out of bed and do it with You! they say Circle of Influence is HUGE! so hang out with fitness freaks!

Buy a Whiteboard, put it on the wall where you walk past Everyday (kitchen etc) and write down in HUGE print, goals for the day, week etc, Eating ‘to-do’s’ or ‘not-to-do’s’ and pretend its school and then rememeber the other day’s quote for 2012..


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