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When we think tools, we think, Saw, Screwdriver, Hammer etc..
To do the jobs we need to use these tools, they become our only and best option, but do the job better than anything else.

So in our world of being Healthy & Fit, which logically should be Priority Number 1, as without it, everything else becomes so much harder, or impossible..
WHY can’t we use the Right Tools..?

Everything will only ever come down to the magic word CHOICE, but do we make the right choices in life? when you think of at least 20 people you know.. mostly, the answer is No.

SO WHY is being healthy and keeping some kind of fitness regular, SO HARD to be important, compared to the VICES we LET run our lives.. We know the Tools that exist, don’t we?

When given tools to become Drinkers, Smokers,
Drug Takers, Overweight etc.. we EXCEL, right?
– How often do you drink/smoke and why?
– How much would you spend on these tools?
Are the reasons ever that good? or justifiable?
Do we simply let them run our lives, beacuse it’s Easier to do these, than it is to stay fit & healthy??

Yet, when given tools to become Healthy or Fit..
– We Struggle
– We Complain
– We make Excuses to do later
– We try them, then Give Up, Try again later down the track, but Give Up again..
Then funny when we start saying things like:
– Can’t Afford It
– Don’t Have the Time
– I’m not a morning person
– I’m Just Too Busy.
– I love junk food, chocolate etc, but i hate being fat.
– I’m too Stressed with Uni, School, Work etc

Don’t use work or stress as an excuse. Getting FIT and healthy, Making time to do these, will help you be MORE productive, but RELIEVE STRESS from Work, Uni, School.

When it comes to my SSPT clients, I provide Work-At-Home-Sheets, for exercise, eating, and goals, BUT, and i say this with a smile.. I know hardly any of you are actually doing them 🙂 I’m not here trying to make anyone feel Guilty, But I ask, are you the ones, who probably should? It’s about reminding you there are easy options available, not guilt trips.
Is it really that much effort to fill out some sheets, especially when it’s FREE, takes 2 mins, and helps to make your life more Positive..
when all the Vices in your life, do the complete opposite.. and leave a negative impact..??

So what are THE RIGHT TOOLS? and HOW do we use them?
The best option, first, when doing something you don’t know too well, is to EDUCATE YOURSELF!
NEXT, it’s about practice makes perfect, remember, it only takes 21 days to start or break a habit..

Regarding HEALTH, the right tools are:
– the interent, magazines, books, health tv shows – For RESEARCH, Do you OWN, ANYTIME, as often as possible, these tools are endless!
– Health food shops, local fruit & veg stores
– Best of all.. EXPERTS – Nutritionists, Fitness Trainers etc
– the obvious, FRUIT & VEG

Regarding FITNESS, the right tools are:
– Fitness Trainers, Groups, Classes, Gyms etc anything that gets you moving
– Sporting Groups, Clubs etc, or get out there and try things, like Surfing, Tennis, anything that is fun and get’s your active is a double win!
– FRIENDS who engage in regular exercise. They say our ‘circle of influence’ is a huge thing in our lives, so, if you hang with Fit people, you’re bound to join in, or follow in their footsteps.
– and again the Internet, Magazines, Books, tools like my work sheets.. basically anything that is AVAILABLE to get you fit, active, energised, whatever! It’s ALL GOOD!!
– the obvious, YOU, your Arms & Legs.. JUST DO SOMETHING!

SO, ask yourself some of the questions above, in this article..
Do you allow yourself to sabotage all the good in your life, by doing all the bad too often?
Well TODAY is the DAY to CHANGE that.

And if MONEY is important in your life, as it can be with most of us these days..
CAN you stop spending money Ruining your health & fitness, or avoiding it, and start putting it towards making yourself FITTER and HEALTHIER, which in turn may mean, you’ll SAVE money on going to the Doctors, having to use medication for illness, because you no longer get sick and buying all that alcohol, ciggy’s etc

If you HATE (get jealous of) healthy, fit, people.. because they never get sick, seem so energetic, happy etc..
Isn’t it worth giving it a try?
You’ve tried doing it your way already, so it can’t hurt right?
You may just like it..

Stop living your life, for work, social engagements or others.. and start living for YOU. Because without your health & fitness, you can’t do everything else, that’s worth living for!


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