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TODAY SHOW – 27/08/2012
Weighing Kids in Schools story..

SIMON SAYS: (my rant on their FB page today)
Weighing kids is agreeably not the best idea, especially with how much image, social media influence, impressionability of young kids, can be too important for kids these days.

David Beckham trains with kids, representing his LA Galaxy team, giving back to kids, teaching them football skills.

(I believe) A good idea, is getting back into promoting Sporting Idols and Mentors.
As youngsters, myself and friends, wanted to be the next David Beckham, Kelly Slater, Usain Bolt, so sport was a passion.

Let’s try create FREE programs to get kids into sport, most would agree over regulation of ‘what’s safe’ is holding that back, high registration costs for amateur sporting etc can be a determining factor for the worst.
Athletes who are Positive Role Models, set good examples, live good lifestyles, etc, should be encouraged into schools for regular talks,  education and getting involved with kids to inspire them to a life filled with passion for sport, so being Fit & Healthy is about getting out, getting active, having fun, eating healthy etc, all for Sport, without focusing healthy lifestyles purely on weighing, image, social media, going to gyms, making it sound like a chore.

Usain Bolt running with kids

Also a factor of how parents get involved, encourage, and most important Support their kids is a huge key, as these days there’s too many on the far ends of the spectrum, either some are too full on, too serious, too competitive, without just showing support and congratulating ‘giving it a go’.
Others are simply uninterested, uninvolved and scarily Unaware of what young kids follow these days online, e.g. young kids posting raunchy photos to live up to ‘over sexy’ standards.

Kelly Slater (world surfing champion) giving back to kids

It’s a massive can of worms, and being a fitness trainer, and Football (soccer) coach, these are only my opinions, and it’s a great topic to discuss forever, as i believe it’s worth it and should be the focus, and not Weighing & Regulations.

But seeing the decline, discipline and more, in sport, fitness, & healthy lifestyle ideals, morals and reasoning, is sad to see people putting society & superficial influences first, than general happy, healthy active lifestyles we used to live, and government and council not getting behind our kids more, not trying hard enough to generate the Next Gen Sport Stars of this country.

I only hope through this rant to inspire whoever reads to either go have fun with your kids, get involved in a positive way, or be a positive role model in showing health or fitness is supposed to be fun, exciting, challenging, socialising etc and never about image, or superficial reasons.

Let’s all LEAD by Example, and not end up An Example..


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