Want to be Fitter? Healthier?

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Want to be FITTER?
Prepared to listen and make changes?
It Takes Consistency.
Come do what i do, and i’ll make you, Both.

Ask yourself, compared to your fitness and your eating..

“what is something you do everyday, routinely, and consider yourself good at..?”
the sad answer i actually get most times..
“my smartphone..?”
And.. what if you spent as much on your Health & Fitness, as you do on Alcohol and Fast Food..?

Well, let’s Kick your ass into a new direction, shall we?

Enquire Now.
1on1, Groups, MumsNBubs.

WANT rewards, FREEBIES or Extra attention towards your training and goals?
Well I definitely look after, and love training those who Really become passionate about the journey and WANT to make CHANGES, make it their LIFE and also I appreciate the Word Of Mouth advertising..

SO >> those who sign up NOW, (and my loyal ones obviously) and dedicate themselves to the journey, the lifestyle changes, but SPREAD the word, share this post, get SSPT name out there, get me followers online etc
> then YES you will definitely REAP the REWARDS! FREEBIES! extra attention to your goals!
You can use the social media tag :
Or point them to FB at :
Or the website :

I’ll get you FIT as a FOOTBALLER!!



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