Train Your Mindset First

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SIMON SAYS : Train your MIND before your BODY to end viscous cycles.



Exercising to the max to counter that KFC run or 3. Or the big weekend of drinking that awaits, so you’ll go hardcore for 3 days straight, are just 2 examples you are drowning in the viscous cycle of wanting to be fitter / healthier, but never getting any closer..
Too many people TRAIN THE BODY first, and want to look fitter, without thinking about the real importance first.
They know it, but aren’t ready to apply it.

IF you can train the mind (mindset) first, then train the body, you’ll start to understand your priority list a little better.
Exercise isn’t there to combat your continuing bad habits as a method of justification, either to exercise in the first place, cover a big weekend, or to allow for one coming.


So don’t just train, train, train, or radically change your eating habits, because you’re trying to look a certain way.
Care first, think second about what you do and eat, then everyday, learn to improve your abilities.


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