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How do i TONE UP..?
How do i LOSE WEIGHT quick…?
What diet plans and equipment do i need to lose fat…?


Every time a new client starts.. the same old questions are there to be answered..

Solution : Simple, Basic Exercises that are Effective, because…. they are relatable to everyday life and everyday movements.

Simon Says :
Exercise should be purposeful, but exercise should be simple.

EXERCISES that you will do FOREVER, compared to classes or equipment!

Where do people go wrong then??
Frustration! That’s where.
“I’ve done simple exercises.. they didnt work..”

There’s always people who believe they have ‘better’ methods, but is it simply they do the simple things incorrectly? too fast? bad techinque? Or.. do people forget, what they EAT is also a BIG part of it.. so maybe your exercises ARE working.. but all the processed crap you keep putting in, could be a factor?

There is no real right & wrong when it comes to getting fit, staying fit, losing weight, toning up..
Only, there are Methods and what works for you, works for you.

As a trainer, and a Footballer, i have to stay fit. One, for my ability to last 90 mintues of intense football, and Two, as my selling point for personal training.. because lets be honest.. if you see a trainer stays fit, the first thing you think is “what are they doing?”

I promise, with Simon Says Personal Training, i can help YOU get you fit, i can help YOU make you healthy.. the hardest obstacle first of all.. is YOU!

Dont be fooled by all the gimmicks, all your friends telling you what they do, or for girls.. seeing other girls and saying “why is she so skinny and doesnt do anything”..

HOW then.. can i help?
WHY then.. only basic exercises?

Because THEY WORK !!I promise you sticking to Push Ups, Squats, Lunges, Tricep Dips as the 4 basic exercises is the best start and possibly the ONLY exercises you’ll ever need, other than running 🙂

SO, come give SSPT a go, learn how to make these basic exercises part of your everday life, how to intensify them when you need a challenge and see just how easy you can GET FIT, STAY FIT & start living the life you’ve been waiting to.. without.. all the gimmicks, shakes, fads, diets and more that we’ve been Told, are the only ways to healthier lives.

Like all the Self Help motivators around the world, Tony Robbins, the Secret etc etc.. where people needed someone else to tell them the information they already new to achieve happiness.. Exercises are the same
We’ve had the tools the whole time.. and pretty much the know how to use them..
JUST USE THEM… Keep it simple, Get the results. It’s really that easy.

Message me NOW to come either join a Group Session for cheap, and just get some basic fitness going..
OR start some 1on1’s to dedicate yourself to some important Goals you want to achieve.
I’ll show you just how easy it can be !!

For 1on1 click here > 1ON1
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Simon Says: lets GET FIT!


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