Massive 2011 Updates

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Tons of Downloadable Goodness Coming to Simon Says Personal Training..

That’s Right, the whole Simon Says Personal Training website is getting converted to this WordPress base, so that myself and my clients & followers can interact together to share our views/advice/opinions about health & fitness.

Purchase Downloadable Custom Program Sheets:
Also, currently in the works, but will be up very soon.. will be all my word doc ‘at home’ motivational sheets available for just $4.95 a sheet.
Why a cost?
well instead of just a sheet with some tables and text, each time you purchase & download one, get it tailored to your needs.. want a Strength session? Upon purchase, request the style you’re after and get to work until you want your program refreshed.
Request any style too, Core, Strength, Cardio, Resistance Bands, Plyometric, Speed, Power, Endurance, Boxing, Stretches.. with such variety you’re bound to get your own fitness routine finally into gear at home in your own time.

BUY a SKYPE session!
That’s also right!
Want to do a workout at home, but need a little direction, or someone to yell instructions out to you! 🙂
Well at just 50c a minute, you can!
Yep, just 50c. So need a quick 10 min workout?? just $5 will get it done!

Love buying those motivational singlets and fitness gear to make you either feel like your into your workout, or to remind you to keep your fitness up? Dont want to buy singlets for like $50!! but still want those inspirational phrases..
Well SSPT has a range of ladies & mens singlets, shirts, hoodies and more on the way, at the most reasonable prices, so you feel good, still enjoy those motivational phrases, but won’t feel like you’re burning away your hard earned money just to buy clothes for placebo feelings..
SSPT clothes will be for feeling good, having gear to workout in, but at prices the average person would like to spend on clothes you’re just gunna sweat up big in 🙂

For all my clients who love using the resistance bands in my sessions, they ARE available for just $50 a set, and you just can’t get this much gear for just $50 from any store.. even buying online is hard to find this value.. until now 🙂
If you want strength & cardio exercises you can do anywhere and take anywhere, ask about these bands, they really are awesome, i’ll get some testimonials up from clients who have bought and still use them today, to prove they really are awesome! I’ve been using them for so long, for rehab on my ACL knee injury and i’d use them anyday over going to the gym.

WOAH.. so what a 2011 i have installed for you guys!
I want to get you fit, lift my game also for you as far as my services go, but basically make you all enjoy fitness to the point where you like being active each week, and keeping up a fitness level you require to feel good and enjoy fun weekly activites 🙂

But remember.. it’s still UP TO YOU.. i just provide options.. your results depend on YOU and your EFFORTS.

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