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Live with Purpose SIMON SAYS: Live with Purpose!
Live to be Inspired, while being Inspiring yourself.
Appreciate and be Grateful about everything in life, that you have an Opportunity to Experience it.
This SOCIAL Media life we now live in is sadly and quickly consuming people.
Don’t get me wrong, I myself love technology and this Tool that allows people to connect. But it is simply that and shouldn’t be a way of life though.
Selfies, poser shots, photos titled ‘new shoes’ but 80% of the photo is Abs or Cleavage.. Getting 600 likes in a matter of hours.. is sadly cringe-worthy and leaving people (mainly teenagers) with depression and anxiety over sad, superficial reasons to exist.

Life should be a constant experience of new things, of learning, of adventure, of connection to people, animals and/or nature.

SELF GROWTH is one of the better reasons.
Becoming a better person each day (mentally not physically). Expanding your knowledge, your acceptance, your appreciation, your contribution.
You don’t need to be religious to be a person with these qualities. I myself am not, but my passion to help others is why I enjoy being a PT. Having Morals, self respect, and basic human qualities are gradually becoming less important, than getting wasted, looking hot, and getting 1000 likes online..

What scares me is the amount of questions about ‘what to eat’ to be healthy, when being healthy should be common knowledge.
Getting Abs, looking Hot or getting Massive are clients reasons for training, more and more these days and i laughingly shake my head and say, “come on now, there needs to be better reasons for exercising and eating healthy”.. but when i realise how much this is normal, i stop laughing and start feeling sad about this being society’s growing behaviour.
What we need to focus on, I believe, is waking each day with PURPOSE,
‘why do i exist?’
What makes me, ME. Unique. What can i give this world, to make it a better place, or at the least, what can i learn from it, to help me grow.

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? (Bob Marley)
A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. (Charles Darwin)
Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. (Albert Einstein)
are SPOT ON!
We need to look within more, less the external.

DEEP DOWN we all have weaknesses to work on, but that’s being human.
the Stuff we Buy, the way we Look, has no REAL effect on living a Happy, Fulfilling life. SUPERFICIAL things make us happy for a few mins, and why we need to do them constantly and become addictions, because they never last..
BUT.. helping others, being there for someone in a moment of grief, a moment of need, creating something, discovering something, conquering fears, things that dramatically affect your life that can benefit something other than you, can be happiness that can last forever.
Having abs, or looking hot isn’t necessarily needed or going to change life itself..

Way too many youngsters are VALUING selfies, body shots, cleavage shots and more as WHAT they are about..
Share what you like, there are no rules, BUT have boundaries, live with MORALS, respect yourself enough to REALISE it’s all just ‘Attention’, i know that sounds bad, but it’s true.
The proof of the matter is if you posted a picture of a bug on a leaf,  or something intellectual, you probably get about 20 likes..
But, for example, when you post a picture saying ‘tired from housework’ but it’s you lying half naked on a bed, you get 1000 likes and raunchy comments, it’s obvious what your followers care about, and it’s not YOU, sorry to say, yes they are complementing your body image, BUT if they couldn’t see your face and you used a pic of someone else, they wouldn’t care.
IF you value getting 1000 likes for your body, i’m sorry to say, you will never find True Happiness in this, because other people are only valuing you as An Object.
If you only posted about stuff your into, what matters to you in life WITHOUT photos of you, but just nature or objects, you would have far less followers, but probably more of ones who actually care about you and what makes you interesting.
ALL those posting ‘hot photos’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are interesting people.. could be dull as a post 😉

The fact that many more clients i’m getting are misinformed or uninformed about ‘what to eat’ that is healthy, is mind boggling that we as a society have fallen so far, from what should have been basic common knowledge passed down through generations.
BUT, because of WORK LIFE, stress, busy lifestyles, weightloss shortcuts.. Eating right, seems like Mission Impossible!!
In regards to FITNESS, it’s also worrying that people only want VISUAL goals.. “I want abs, to be skinny, to be toned”.. to which i always follow with, “Why? for what Purpose?”
Fitness is about being active, being ABLE to do things in life. Looking a certain way is usually to please others based on a stereotype we have created in this modern day. IT won’t necessarily help you any better to do certain things that require being FIT, just by looking slim or toned.
There has been so many great achievers in life, that didn’t have abs, wore a bikini, or had massive muscles 🙂

So in finishing..

Live a life of FULFILMENT
Live a life of PASSION.


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