LIMITED 1on1 Bulk Deals!

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Always wanted to do 1on1?
Wish you could Afford to do more than 1 a week?
Here’s a new way, that could help you do so..
A Deal Too Good..

A usual 1on1 session is already great value for everything you get at only $59 per hour session.
But for a limited time only, The MORE you BUY, the more AFFORDABLE they get!
Buy a pack of 5, you’ll get them for $10 off at just $50 each, for $250 total.
Buy a pack of 10, you’ll get them for a HUGE $20 off at just $40 each, for $400 total.

This is an AWESOME way to start 1on1 if you’ve always wanted to,
and SAVE LOADS to be able to do more sessions per week,
and get FITTER > QUICKER !!

SO why wait?

Contact Simon NOW!


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