LEARN better, CHOOSE better, LIVE better!

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SIMON SAYS : Black/White SERIES #1 learn choose live better fitness health
Welcome to my new series of posts based on my personal Black/White, Yin/Yang lifestyle beliefs that most things in life are simpler if you take out the Emotion factor and see things as Yes/No, either This/That style of thinking.

BUT BEFORE anyone feels like taking a stab 😉 don’t think I don’t value emotions. They are indeed vital. They make us human. They are inevitable.
Understanding them and knowing when they are important is the key 🙂
SO.. onto my first post..

LEARN better, CHOOSE better, LIVE better!

What does this mean?
In regards to your HEALTH and FITNESS, first the..

LEARN better: what’s important, in B&W is, being active, able & prevention of sickness or injury!
That’s the simple meaning.
Not abs, not bikinis, not anything that requires another person’s attention, opinion or acknowledgement.
Just YOUR OWN Health and Wellbeing!

Next the CHOOSING: making good decisions based on what you learn everyday on how to nurture & feed your body and how to keep it strong, flexible and moving.
So you must CHOOSE to eat foods that boost your immune system, feed your organs, raise energy and maintain health to fight sickness.
Also you must CHOOSE to do exercise that suits your needs and your abilities. My best advice is to stick to basics, things that use many muscle groups, full range of motion and keep you able enough to enjoy many different adventures in life, be it, being an athlete or an adventurer, or just a socially active person.

LASTLY simply LIVE better.
As you learn, as you grow that knowledge, that ability to make smarter choices, living a life not held down by sickness, injury, or struggle is the best feeling ever.

So to bring back Emotion, we can acknowledge, that when you are healthy, active and able, you FEEL better, you radiate positivity.
When you are NOT fit enough or healthy, negative emotions, depression, confidence, esteem, ALL aspects of life can become a struggle that no one wants to go through.

So.. I encourage all to take whatever you want from my first ‘lecture’ (apologies for the length), but as I always point out in my ‘guru posts’.. the Choice is yours.


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