Just Do It ! because you Gotta Do It !

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Finding it hard to exercise regularly.. still?
Trying to find a ‘type’ of exercise that’s going to suit you?

Well when you think about it.. you probably shouldn’t look for exercise to suit you, if you find it hard exercising.. as you may look for the easiest or cheapest option, because exercise isn’t in your top 5 passionate things to do.

What you may want to do, is look for what style of fitness is going to suit your goals.. or get you to a level of fitness where you can choose from a larger variety.
Or as i like to teach and preach..
STICK TO THE BASICS – Push Ups, Squats, Dips, Lunges.
They are EFFECTIVE.  They build muscle which is vital for the body, for strength, for fat burning, for livelihood.
They are SAFE. They are exercises that have been around for YEARSSS, commonly used in rehabilitation, and aren’t part of crazy FADS, TRENDS, or Infomercials.
They are for EVERYONE. The only people who hate these exercises, are normally the ones who simply can’t do them. Once you learn proper techinque and as with anything, practice makes perfect.. you really feel them working once you get into them.

The big obstacles to get around are: procrastination, laziness, short term desire, the result without the hard work, or plain old STUBBORNNESS.. but all are controlled by your EMOTION.
You have to constantly remind yourself.. I GOTTA DO IT.

Put on some PUMPING music.. whether it be Punk, Dance, Pop, Metal.. whatever drives you to get up and get into it !
Be your own lecturer.. “You wanna be thin?? Well get up and do something!”
Go over your GOALS – to join a sport, to fit in a size ‘whatever’, to the best in your team, to be toned and confident.
You have to be your own motivator everyday, as the times you aren’t at the gym, a PT class etc.. Who else is going to push you closer to your dreams.

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