It Goes to My BUM..?

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It Goes to My BUM!
Credit‘ is all that should go to your bum, and more than you give it.
The ‘Glutes’ are such a big muscle group in your body, and hence if you are after something to drive metabolism, then working the glutes is a good idea!
Your glutes can HELP you BURN FAT better than most muscles in the body, as they do so much work, and by being so important demand more from us.
How much do you train yours?
Umm, not sure? most would say.
If your looking to get your ‘backside into gear’ as the saying goes.. then do it literally. Focus on your exercises that target this group > Squats, Lunges & Step Ups.

There are loads more, and by all means, ask away if your interested, but start somewhere, and get them right. Focus on GOOD technique, posture and slow speed to get the most out of your BUM exercises. 🙂

HAVE FUN working the BUM!

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