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Why be healthy?
Why get FIT?
The RIGHT MOTIVATION is so important, and why i see clients come and go, or why their fitness or health levels never change.
It’s nearly that easy to group certain people into categories of motivations.. and sometimes a bit sad to see, as some or most have so much potential to make such a difference in their lives.

As a trainer, a sports person, a footballer, a general all round activity person, i make my personal training about Simple, Basic but Effective exercises you can do FOREVER, anytime, anywhere for as long or as little as you like.. AS LONG.. as you feel you’ve worked 100% at it.

So if i was to give people a variety of pushups, squats, dips, lunges, sprints, stairs.. whatever.. you only cheat yourself or waste your money at sessions if you dont always push yourself, give your best and test your limits.

As far as HEAD STUFF goes though.. the big questions are : Why are you training – Simply to get fit? or is it – to lose weight? to looked toned? to fit into certain clothes? to impress someone of the opposite sex? But how much of your emotions are guiding you? and mixed in with that, what are you doing in your own time, away from exercise that could be REVERSING the work you’ve done getting fit.

For example.. Can or Do you only work out at a session, but do no other activity at home in your own time? So is that enough? most likely no, especially if you have BIG goals, that are supposedly important to you..
Are your eating habits giving you a negative outcome? you’re gaining weight or not losing any? you drink too often or too much? (and that means alcohol, not water.. remember water is GOOD) You’re allowing yourself too many TREATS? and in saying that treats ARE ok still.. BUT only if you if say “right, a treat equals extra exercise, so if i want ice cream tonight, i’m doing a set and a run tomorrow morning, or that afternoon”.. you have to allow treats and not cut things out altogether or you’re just lying to yourself and pretending to be someone you’re not, BUT you must keep a tight eye on it, to make sure it’s in MODERATION and there’s a yin-yang effect eg. TREAT = EXERCISE.

The one example i get super frustrated with, and it’s mainly youngins.. is seeing people going for runs, hitting the gym, buying organic foods in the shops, but then they socially ‘get on it’. Taking drugs, getting extremely drunk or worst of all, and especially in this day and age with the info we have, SMOKING cigarettes..
It’s either pretending their healthy or it’s trying to justify getting on it, by doing something good during the week.. or even, saying “oh it’s only now and then”.. or “only when i drink”.. or “only at festivals”.. no offense to those in this boat.. but it’s pretty much Bull!@#. Excuse the language, but i see it SO MUCH.. and you have to agree there’s ZERO logic behind it.. and yeh, if you want to do it, who’s going to stop you, you are allowed the only true power in this world.. the CHOICE to do it, but use that power to CHOOSE – i’m either a healthy person who cares about myself, my life and living.. or nahhh i just want to party, get smashed and do whatever.. Makes things much easier 🙂

Now.. Back to the focus, HEAD STUFF.. what else is causing problems..
do you get frustrated too easily while training.. “i can’t do pushups.. i hate running, mainly because i look unco.. i’m sad, depressed etc so i’m not going to try today”.. things like this are a huge thing to overcome if you are serious about reaching goals and fighting the emotional barrier can be difficult.. but so important.

TRIGGERS – finding a positive trigger to motivate you is what you need.. or for some people a negative one can actually be a positive, because it gives you DRIVE, FOCUS and DETERMINATION. What are triggers?
Triggers are : I have to get strong enough to do that! I want to run without hating it! i want to be fit enough to learn to SURF! i want to play around with my KIDS! i’m going to look HOT this summer! i’m going to sign up to a sport!
Negative into positive triggers can be things like : Someone told you you’re FAT, You CAN’T do something so you’re going to prove them wrong, You always come LAST at everything, so not ANYMORE!, you don’t do certain things because you feel you’re an EYESORE, well not anymore! You’ve just had an arguement with someone, but now you’re AMPED to get things done, because ANGER drives you!
IF none of these existed and we were just robots running off logic, well, we’d reach every goal and have no dramas.. but then again, if we had no emotions, and we were THAT logical, what makes us human, would have never let us get into a position to have dramas or goals in the first place. BUT THEN LIFE WOULD BE BORING… right? haha 🙂 So at least we have challenges to conquer, and LIFE to learn about.

Money!.. probably the number one thing i shake my head at, when people come to get fit.
Now if you simply can’t afford 1on1 or group sessions etc i fully understand.. trust me, i tell friends alot..”oh i can’t go out, i don’t have the money sorry” and being honest about it is great, as it shows sincerity..
But say for example people ask before sessions even start.. do you offer discounts? can i get cheaper if i only do 30 mins? do you have BULK packages that work out cheaper..
this answer is yes i do.. but they’re there for long term clients, and aimed at as a REWARD for your hard work.. they shouldn’t be INCENTIVES.. as then you’re only training for the $$ value before even trying it out.. and if it IS what you need or WORKS YOU HARD.. and you VALUE the session and your fitness, then the money or cost should never be an issue.. because you deem it worth the money!

The BEST example is.. a massage.. if you went to a massage and it was OK and cost you $60, but then you tried another massage with someone else but it was $80 but it was ‘OHHH SO GOOD’! which would you want? AND… would you go back and bargain the $60 person down? probably not, you’d just stop going.. but even though it was MORE, you’d probably find yourself trying to find money from anywhere to afford the $80 person even if it was only every month, you’d still try wouldn’t you? 🙂 i would.

OUR ANGLE (the trainers, consultants)
As far as logic goes.. take it from a trainer, coach, health consultant or nutrionist point of view.. it they are self employed.. If the trainer is PASSIONATE, looks like they’re FIT and LIVE their own methods (which i agree, some don’t) and they VALUE their sessions as good prices and is why they set them.. the minute you ask for discounts, do you think that trainer or coach is still 100% to your cause now? if they are focused on money too, they may say ok, whatever, because they just want your money.. BUT a good, dedicated trainer or nutritionist may say, sorry, this might not be what your after then? As why would they put their heart into something they give everyone, to give the same to you, even though you believe it’s worth less? Maybe you don’t actually believe that.. it’s just you’re trying to save money.. if thats the case.. as said in this blog a few times, you may need to re-think your plan of attack, as you want the trainer/coach etc to push you, to help you, to motivate you..
TIP : So here’s my advice if your worried about money, but it’s not your focus.. Be upfront with the trainer and say, i can’t afford this all the time, but i do like it, want it etc, what should i do? As far as my (sspt) business goes for example, as it’s the only example i have at the moment 🙂 I say to clients, maybe try fit one in every now and then, when you can, but try upping your AT HOME exercise as much as you can. I’ll admit any ‘course’ would be shooting me right now for not telling you why you NEED my sessions and i should be selling, selling, selling.. but my opinion is.. i don’t want to SELL you YOUR Health & Fitness.. you have to WANT it for yourself. Fitness isn’t (well shouldn’t be) a RETAIL business, i didn’t get into this to sell.. it’s KNOWLEDGE and PRACTISE and ASSISTANCE for those who want it. VALUE your own fitness & health and go to those who you believe HELP YOU well.. and don’t just offer you a GOOD DEAL.. To me, and you may not agree.. (and this is in regards to helath & fitness businesses) But if something isn’t worth the money that’s listed, just don’t go back. There are so many trainers, nutrionists, physio’s etc.. if you honestly think “yeh that was good, informative, seems to work, i like it” you most likely won’t question the cost, and most of the time, long term clients will end up being rewarded, looked after etc from their trainers as trainers will recognise the effort and hard work and progress your making, and i know me personally, would feel glad to give back to those i know want their goals bad and are working hard for them.

IN SUMMARY – (finally.. some of you say)
Make sure to understand WHAT DRIVES YOU.. and what you do with your OWN TIME that says whether or not you will conquer your goals or not. A big key is – DON’T PROCRASTINATE!
I can’t follow you home and be there everytime to say..”AHH dont eat that.. AHH get off the couch.. Lets go Exercise” etc etc, i am just a guide, you in the end have to be your own ass kicker!
Don’t have excuses either! either do, or don’t, will save lots of confusion and over-thinking.
And lastly be TRUE to yourself and what you VALUE, and if you find something that does.. then awesome! if not.. simply change or try something else, not just another version, or a talk-down option, but ask questions and find out the ‘reasons’, eg, I always tell people why we do certain exercises at PT and how they will be relatable to their everyday lives, otherwise why do them.

But ALSO.. here’s the yin-yang again.. Don’t OVER DO IT.. dont be a crazy health nut and cut everything out, or try to start only buying organic and low fat this & that because you think it’s ‘the way’ or worse start eating less.. More is the key (i’ll address this in other blogs) Don’t OVER-exercise either, because you’re dying to trim up. Your body needs rest days too, but remember if you do 7 days a week, then one day just stop, your body will slow down too, and most likely the weight will come back. Find a balance for the LONG term you can keep up for the rest of your life. If you go to certain classes, for example, Zumba, only because you like to dance, but you don’t put it in on the exercise side of it.. re-think your plan and say do i do this because it makes me FEEL good.. or am i doing the wrong exercise that won’t get me closer to my goals. If it’s something you’ll ‘get over’, maybe don’t make it your TOP focus, not saying don’t try it, maybe do it as a bonus fun activity. I’m not degrading Zumba by the way, just try to find the LOGIC behind your decision and make sure it’s realistic.

The one example that’s renound amongst trainers worldwide, is ladies with a goal of losing lots of weight, but training for say a marathon or half marathon in just 3-6 months time frame. YES it’s fantastic you have ambition, but IF you’ve never been a long distance runner, events like this take lots of serious training, running training, not just doing cardio to get there, but specialised marathon training.. and also building the muscles through strength training to even be able to last. 
But it takes time to build up to such distances, if you are serious about it, make the time frame bigger, knuckle down, and don’t just do one, do loads of small ones and maybe make it a repeated event for you. If you’re only trying to feel like you’ve accomplished something and just finishing the event is your goal, some side effects could be that it hurts your body (such as torn muscle, shin splints, rolled feet and more) as you’re not use to it and you may end up disappointed if you don’t last the distance. Don’t get me wrong, trying is still awesome, and never be told you can’t do something.. I’m trying to say.. make your goals realistic to YOU, with running, if your not a runner.. work at it, until you are, learn everything, technique etc and get the feedback from a good trainer with experience to say “now you’re ready”. TIP : Make small goals like last 3km non stop, then start making times to beat and once you have, then slowly increase the distance. Also do it in the outdoors, where the runs actually happen.. not on a treadmill.. OH, don’t start me on treadmills 🙂
The point is the MOTIVATION.. make sure it’s “i’d like to be a runner”.. maybe not.. “i’d like to feel THIN.. so a marathon sounds good”. If you just want accomplishment, simple goals like, “i now fit into.. such & such”..”now i CAN run and actually enjoy it”..or the best ones..”wow i FEEL great, energised, wanting to be active, been keeping this weight off, where to now”.

OK.. that’s it for now.. this could never end, this topic, especially those who know i talk way too much 🙂 but PLEASE DO comment or email etc if you want to talk MORE about it.. i’m happy to help 🙂

Ciao, Peace, Stay FIT 🙂


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