Give 100% or not at all

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100% effort technique commitmentWhatever you do in LIFE, HEALTH or FITNESS you should give it 100% or don’t do it at all!
Real success, real satisfaction, comes from knowing you committed yourself 100% to your daily happenings.
You made a CHOICE that it’s something you WANT to do, for a purpose, for an outcome, to do better and to feel better.
Nobody enjoys doing anything at 50%. It gives the sense you don’t want to do it, you aren’t getting anywhere by doing so, and that you only see failure.

BUT it’s not necessarily the wrong choice, it’s simply the percentage you’re giving.
E.G – Not everyone enjoys chores, such as washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, vacuuming the house, but, if you give it 100%, it will still leave you with that proud sense of accomplishment, to see how good it looks, from the effort you put in and knowing “I DID THAT”.

Why only enjoy 50% of what you do, or could do.

I believe 3 key elements to understanding if you give it 100% are :

The WHAT : 
Understanding the things, the ‘what’ you choose and giving 100% EFFORT to what ever it is you do, leaves you with a PROUD feeling of, whether succeed of fail, “I’ve tried my best” and knowing it was something I chose to do.

the HOW :
Always learn how to do, and then perform, whatever daily activity it is, with the correct TECHNIQUE. This way it will help you achieve results without causing harm or injury to yourself or others, helps you to go further to achieving success and also perform better, if you know HOW to do it better.

and the WHY :
Making the choice to offer your full COMMITMENT. It is something you really want to do, it means something to you, you’re PASSIONATE about knowing better, doing better and understanding better. Knowing your WHY is important, as it gives you PURPOSE.
E.G – You want to be healthy? then getting drunk on the weekends isn’t being healthy, and will obviously only damage your health.
Being 100% committed is a sure way to succeeding, as those who really work hard for something, believe in it, generally make it happen.

Make yourself Proud.
Know yourself in and out, 100%
Commit to your daily activities.
Be passionate about the things you choose.
Success will be waiting for you.


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