Get It Done in 2012

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A new motto for all in 2012 can help you achieve, instead of just listing goals as usual to conquer.
One I have made for myself and hopefully you all can use is “Get It Done!”
If you think of and/or write down all the areas you’d like to improve in 2012, whether it be your Health & Fitness, Travel, Finances, Tidiness at Home, Bookwork, whatever.. Don’t think about it, what’s involved, how long it will take etc, stop procrastinating and just keep telling yourself.. “Get It Done!”

If ‘Weight Loss” is your goal, then focus more on the ‘weight gain’.. Really??
Yes, what i mean by this, is focus on what you’re eating, drinking and exercise you’re doing, to put On the weight..
You’re not born big, so it must be what you’ve been doing that’s the issue, so change it all!

Start eating healthier, force yourself to like Veges, Nuts, Fruit etc more.. Cut out Alcohol.. Exercise More than you Eat! (is the biggest key factor) but still make SURE to maintain eating 5-7 times a day, otherwise your body’s metabolism won’t feel the need to work much! Simply remember, it’s about portion control, never eat lots to make up for missed meals.
Change your Circle of Influence, the people you hang around normally have an effect on what decisions you make.
De-clutter your life! If you’re hanging onto things from the past that remind you of the old you you’re trying to rid, throw away stuff.
If you’re messy, try clean everything up, maybe have a re-arrange of your house, bedroom, definitely your pantry and fridge contents 🙂 and you’ll feel so good about change, you’ll continue on the positive energy and it will transfer across to your other areas, like health & fitness etc.. just “Get It Done”.

So write down everything you need to change, improve or rid yourself of and remember – Problems + “Get It Done” = Solution!

More story coming..

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