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Emotions (again) :
Like the amount this topic arises, the frequency the topic itself can plague us.

Are your emotions your main drive behind the % of your decision making?

What about your health, fitness & eating habits?

Are you doing your own damage via social, eating & emotional BAD HABITS that are your road block to the things you Wish for. If yes, is it easy then to simply switch them off? maybe not.. But positive influences are a start.. what are your positives, is the question.

I’m not a book of answers for this, as we all have our own perspectives on such a deep aspect of life, and how they affect each one of us in different ways.. BUT, through positive communication and feedback we can assist each other to look through different lenses and take a step back sometimes from reacting before making choices that may just be jumping the gun.

So, please share your thoughts below in the comment section, so we all can discuss how they affect us, our methods to clear thinking, or the positive influences we each have to aid us in keeping a healthy mindful state 🙂

sim 🙂

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