Do I Need To Be Fit?

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Do you NEED to be FIT to start or join PT..??
Of course not ! 🙂
You do personal training to GET FIT!
But it’s definitely not a prerequisite!
Do you wait to be healthy before seeing a doctor? 🙂

Usual feelings or comments from newcomers are:
“But others will be fitter than me?”
“I’d be embarrassed coming last, or being bigger”
“What if i can’t do the exercise, will they laugh?”

At ALL and EVERY Simon Says Personal Training session, whether it be 1on1 or group, myself as the trainer FIRST, then every client I’ve ever had, is ONLY and ALWAYS:
Supportive, Motivating, Fun, Social. You name it!
No one JUDGES, makes FUN or is negative in any way, to make you feel uncomfortable!

At 1on1’s: You will still be encouraged to always better your last effort, but only pushed to the limits YOU can reach for that session. If you don’t enjoy it, see purpose in it, start to believe in yourself to reach greater heights, feel and experience accomplishment, then i’m not doing right by you to want to come back! and SIMON SAYS: You will enjoy and achieve at every 1on1, even if it can get tough 🙂

At GROUPS: No one ever makes you feel uncomfortable! Anyone fitter than YOU, gets more or extra punishment to make sure they still see they have room to improve also 🙂
So don’t worry about them! 🙂
Everyone goes at their own pace, so each session it’s about YOU and YOUR fitness improving, and each client knows this from session #1.

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SIMON SAYS: Everyone has their own goals to accomplish, and you only train for YOU!
The only way to break the nervousness is COME AND TRY and see SSPT is the RIGHT fitness solution for you!

Learn about everything you need to know to Smash YOUR Fitness Goals!

Learn about ways to improve your Health, Nutrition and EATing Habits as that is often harder to manage, maintain and improve than yor fitness! Trust Me!!

SO ease your worries, your nerves, your fears, and come along and TRY OUT an SSPT Personal Training Session 🙂
Myself and others are HERE to GET YOU FIT !!!

*PS, if any of my clients want to Comment their thoughts, to show newcomers they are still, or were unfit too! By all means Go For IT !!

SIMON SAYS: To know, you must Give It A GO! 🙂