CIRCLE of INFLUENCE matters more today!

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SIMON SAYS : CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE matters more today! 
WHO, WHAT & WHY we surround ourselves with, has always governed what we do & why we do..
But these days with much heavier smartphone use, compared to just 10 years ago, we’ve gone from following a few sports idols, musicians etc, to madly following anybody & everybody.. ??
Instead of just been influenced by either those we hang around in real life & those few sports idols etc, now the constant viewing of what every Tom, Dick & Harry (& Mary ?) is doing online, day to day, has dramatically changed what we now do.
(I mean come on, it even created a job category called ‘influencers’ ?????????)
It can especially impact us, if who we’re following, we see them either profiting, gaining success in other ways, attention or fame, losing weight, whatever it might be, that you feel you need or desire.. ?
Every young girl (well let’s at least say many) now just want to be Travel/Fitness/Model Insta bloggers.
Lots of young guys want to be bad ass rebel, rapper, gangsta’s etc..
Then the not so young crew, like the rest of us, are in this seemingly competitive state against each other in whose lives appear the greatest to the online world.. ?
NOW WAIT.. yes, I’m talking only about the online affected people, there are definitely many unplugged, normal people out there still ? maybe you? ?
The point is,
It used to be mainly if we hung out with drinkers, we’d drink.. etc etc
But NOW.. it’s who we follow online that might (or does) have a bigger impact on how we treat our bodies, what we eat, how we workout, how we communicate with others, how we portray ourselves in public or online.
My question to you is,
WHO or WHAT do you FOLLOW, does it affect you POSITIVELY or NEGATIVELY, and how does it compare to how you were, or what you thought, maybe 10 years ago.. (before selfies ??)
? COMMENT any thoughts.
? OR would you like me to do A LIVE Q&A one night on this to discuss it further?


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