Change VS Worth

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How many of you wish for something?
what to change something?
want to be something else?

But cost is an issue..
So what is it worth?
What are YOU worth?

You know, i have come across so many people..
those i know and those i dont, that You Know they want to change something, but are stuck in that place of.. who cares..

but the question shouldn’t be “who cares?”.. the question should only ever be.. Do YOU Care?
IF SO, then it shouldnt matter who cares, only that you do.

And so we come back to the question..
Are YOU worth it?

Here’s another question.
In regards to something relatable, like affording personal training, as it’s my greatest example 😉
If losing weight is something you desire, being fit, saying “i wish i could do that, try that etc”, then the question is..”How MUCH do you want it?”
Because when we look at ourselves, our friends, our work colleagues.. you can tell who does care, who does want it, as you find yourself either thinking or telling them, “gee you look good / look fit / look healthy”.. next normally follows, the thought, i wonder what they’re doing..?

But it’s not a question of what specific exercise they ARE doing.. it’s simply the FACT, that they ARE doing, whether it’s, exercise, eating healthy, or a combination of both.

The next question or point i love to make is..
What do you SPEND money on, that most of the time ISN’T worth it?
Do you go out too much, and get hammered too often?
Are you purchasing clothes, electronics or other material items that you for some reason you put higher on the importance list, or give WORTH to?
After you spend that money though, do you still FEEL like you wish for change…?

In the end, here’s what it boils down to..
What are you prepared to do?
What are you prepared to sacrifice to justify putting yourself, your HEALTH first?
If you spend money on taking care of yourself, and you work hard at it.. how then will you FEEL..?
the one thing i can guarantee.. is you will feel EMPOWERED!
That change has begun, that breaking bad habits has begun.
That this money you will spend on changing your life through exercise and eating differently, WILL make you feel like your life has just raised the bar, because as the saying goes.. “without your health, what have you got?”

The questions are..
If you want to feel a 1000 times more energetic
Be 1000 times more active to enjoy activities with others
Never or hardly ever, have to go back to the doctors for a common sickness, as your immune system is now 1000 times stronger
Heal from sporting injuries 1000 times quicker, because of your new found fitness level..

Then THAT is worth it. YOU are worth it. The MONEY is worth it, that’s for sure 🙂

SO i offer you a challenge.. From my business, to you the client.. If i can’t make you feel worth it, energise you, help you to get fitter, healthier and passionate for LIFE..
i won’t make you spend the money.
As i am so passionate for the best in everyone, it’s MY GOAL, to make you passionate in YOU!

If you’d like to try experience exercise you can do FOREVER that will keep you as good as i make it sound you will.. whether its getting back into fitness, or CHALLENGING you as maybe you think PT won’t be hard enough for you, for results..
Come Try One Session..
As i’m passionate about you reaching your goals and limits as much as you are!

Get Busy Living!
Simon 🙂

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