Are you missing out on FUN?

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: the idea that health & fitness is mainly for weight loss, self-indulgent selfie posing, or to combat something in your life that feels like it’s bringing you down all the time, is not the reason to eat healthy & stay fit.
Simply LIVING, IS!
You eat healthy, to literally BE healthy, cos who wants to be sick, fat or run down, as if it was even a slightly appealing concept?? ??
Just because alcohol & treats TASTE good, doesn’t give them purpose or reason.
Seriously, can that sense of pleasure for 5 secs of indulging in them, really compare to gliding down the snow hills of Japan?
A jet boat experience in the rivers of NZ?
Gazing over the Grand Canyon?
Whatever your dreams are.
Probably not..
And Yes ?, I know there’s a massive difference in drinking a few glasses of whatever, or simply eating chocolate.. to a holiday in another country, even being close to being the same thing..
? no shit..
But it’s programming our brains to decide what means more, what is worth more, in this one life we have..
Either we spend it, indulging OFTEN in life’s tiny pleasures for the same old feeling & level of excitement,
we make the most of what we do daily, fine-tuning our health to go after more LIFE CHANGING experiences!
When you check out, do you want your ‘book of your life’ to read like..
“Meh.. I did stuff, went places. Got sick & fat regularly though. yayyyyyy gluttony” ?
You decide how fulfilling, exciting and pleasurable life should be..


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