2 new Ebooks are here!!

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The long wait for my 2 ebooks is over.
The FREE! SSPT Sprint Training Basics and the $5 SSPT Just Start fitness guide.

The FREE Sprint Training Basics.
This ebook covers 4 areas I usually focus on when taking on clients to help improve their running technique. They have always been the 4 areas I’ve based my history of sprinting on. So I’ve put them into this ebook as a reference guide, simply based on what my personal belief on these areas could do to help improve your sprint technique.
I will also be putting together a bigger more thorough General Running Guide covering lots more, from starting out, jogging, endurance, workouts for developing running and more..
So stay tuned for that one 😉

the $5 SSPT Just Start fitness guide.
This ebook is simply about helping beginners get their Health & Fitness ball rolling.
It’s my basic core views on what health & fitness stands for and how you should start out.
Keeping things simple, easy to manage and a little something each day.
I’ve thrown in 3 basic workout ideas you could include in your week, but this book is definitely not a be-all and end-all weight loss program. It’s more just a way of thinking about fitness as a daily habit, not a gruelling chore you despise.

Again, I’ll be working on a further ebook on Health & Fitness, offering more workout ideas and eating advice, so always stay tuned to SSPT.

So, FREE and $5..
not a bad way to get a helping hand you might need 😉


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