YOU are the answer to all

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YOU are the ANSWER too ALL you CREATE!

There are many, including, more than likely YOU, who are always searching for THE SECRET!
The secret to Health & Fitness.
The secret to Success, Wealth & Happiness.
Usually though, it’s The Quick Fix.

We are constantly searching in the wrong places.
Looking to others to be TOLD the answers, rather than to others for GUIDANCE on how to FIND the answers ourselves.
Wanting SOLUTIONS to happen, rather than discovering & understanding the path to them.
Putting our focus on what’s not important, for what society tells us is.

Is YOU. Always has been. Always will be.
You are only LIMITED in this life, but what you have LEARNED.
We were born into this world, CURIOUS, to DISCOVER, to IMAGINE, to DREAM, to EXPLORE, to CREATE and more.
To be UNIQUE, DIFFERENT and not a COPY of something that already exists.

The sad fact is, all these amazing aspects to life, which is the GROW in GROWING UP, have slowly diminished.
Now, it’s just GETTING OLD.
We’ve stopped learning, and growing, because we can BUY solutions, only to SOLVE problems which we CREATE.

You weren’t born SICK, FAT, LAZY.. these things we become OURSELVES.
The only reason diets, supplements, gyms, programs etc even exist.. is because we either haven’t learned, or we’ve unlearned and allowed someone to create these things, to now SOLVE FOR US, what WE’VE MADE a problem.

Why do we DRINK alcohol, SMOKE or take DRUGS, to which we KNOW (or should know) doesn’t benefit our health?
Why have we stopped being ACTIVE?
Why do we choose to EAT what is not good for us?

No one MAKES you, YOU choose to.

Is we simply have to OWN the problem, take RESPONSIBILITY.
If we have to overcome obstacles, we need to understand we CAN do it ourselves.
The answer is to LEARN how. Make it WHO YOU ARE.
If you don’t know FOOD and what foods do what for your body, it’s simple, you LEARN.
If you don’t know how to COOK, again, only a matter of LEARNING how.
If you only DRINK etc due to your SURROUNDINGS & people, then CHANGE your surroundings.

REMEMBER, You look and feel the way you do, based on the choices YOU make.

We judge these on how much MONEY we have, or how many THINGS we own, big houses, expensive cars, etc.
Be defined by followers, or celebrity in the online world, to get attention or acknowledgement.
Or we spend our lives WORKING jobs that aren’t our PASSIONS?
We may make lots of money, but aren’t necessarily happy, or fulfilled.
We share everything, personal or not, ONLINE with the MILLIONS, yet neglect, argue, ignore or compete with those few we meet in REAL LIFE.

Is to tear down those walls, the fear, the failure or the idea we simply get a job, follow the rules and wake each day to make money.
Take RISKS and get back to CREATING, even if you fail.
If your JOB is stressing you out, and you hate it, find what you love and make it your living.
Value how RICH our CONNECTIONS with others are and our INFLUENCE on others, in improving quality of life.
STOP worrying about fitting in, copying others, appealing to others, and feel good about expressing yourself.
Normally, those who are good at what they do, because they ooze passion for it, become successful.

IF you want to be Healthier and Fitter – YOU, CHOOSE to learn how, and START BEING healthier and fitter.
IF you want to GET AHEAD with life, make a choice to LET GO of anything or anyone who holds you back or puts you down.
IF you lack discipline, motivation, or purpose, FIND those who can TEACH you better ways, LISTEN and LEARN!
IF you know better, you can do better.
Simply learn better!



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