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What you do everyday is what you are.
You must want to live healthy to be healthy.
You must want to exercise everyday to be fit.
As an example, we know, and got to know, our smart phones from using them everyday. We made them a necessity. We force them to be useful and learn new apps and new ways to understand them.

So why not our health?
Why not our fitness ability and pushing our limitations?
Are they not necessary or useful?

Here’s a thought.
Say everyone walks around with an invisible advertisement floating above them, like a billboard. This sign has a list of say morals or code that you live by, telling the world who you are, with either good or bad points.

“I am healthy / I eat and drink whatever.
I’m active regularly / I don’t exercise much, kinda lazy.
I like to listen and understand / I give my opinion because only it matters.
I am there for others / I only care about myself.
I’m humble and put others first / I’m arrogant and I matter first.”

Imagine! Just imagine if these billboards were visible?
Would you be proud of yours?
Is it who you really are?
Or is it just a product of your environment or circle of influence?

We must know our code!
Our purpose in life.
What we live for.
Are we part of the problem or part of the solution?

Here’s another one of my love of analogies (those who know me) :

We are a car.
A nice car.
Our health is the oil and petrol.
Our fitness is the engine and the way we drive it.
We cannot drive our bodies into the ground like a car and simply trade it in when it’s busted, so servicing this one & only machine is the number one priority in life.

We trash our bodies with alcohol, fast food and drugs, but there’s no chance we would consider putting orange juice in our petrol tanks or grease in our engines right?
Stupid you say?
Well its true, we wouldn’t dare jeopardize putting anything in our cars that would cease it’s function.
So why would we jeopardize our bodies and our health by putting in things we know cause it to function worse??
We must drive regularly and smart, not thrashing it, to keep the engine healthy.
If we don’t, the engine wastes away, it struggles and functions poorly.
If we don’t service it often it starts to break down and ceases to function for what we need it to.

We neglect the right purpose and functions though, because it’s accepted. It’s cool. It’s what people expect if we are to fit in.
It’s a culture.
It’s society.
But we don’t have to though. We have the choice.
But no one gives you judgement for using unleaded petrol in your car? No one says you should start putting diesel in ‘just because’. No one cares how often you service your car, because it’s your car, it doesn’t matter to them.

We need to break the mold. No we must break the mold!
Everything has a purpose.
Everything has a function.
So we don’t need to treat our health and fitness poorly for other people, we must do what’s right for ourselves. Because it matters to us.

We need to eat healthy for the purpose of keeping our bodies at an ultimate functionality.
To prevent and fight sickness.
To prevent ageing quickly.
Because it’s what our bodies want and need. It’s that simple.

We must exercise regularly, everyday if possible, to function well, to be strong enough and agile enough to be able to move, lift, run, walk, stretch, climb and more.

My last example or point is sacrifice :

We forgo sleep, our health and our fitness for our jobs and our peers, for their needs, their desires, their intentions and expectations.
So often, more than i can count, people forgo and sacrifice their health to work, work, work.
I understand as good as anyone, running my own business, that work can seem important and it’s necessary to pay the bills.

But there has to be balance.

Eventually this process will take its toll and working too much will see your health deteriorate to the point you can no longer function properly for what is required for your work.
So now if both are gone, what will you do?
But if your health and fitness are 100% you can function well and can be 100% productive at your work.

For our peers, we get drunk, we party, we ‘get into costume’ and become someone we most likely aren’t or weren’t, but do so for the approval of those who live a different lifestyle.
You’re not cool if you don’t _________
You can’t be accepted or respected for living a healthy lifestyle.

(obviously this isn’t for those of you who are healthy, but more so speaking to the general public who face these issues)

SIMON SAYS : change your circle of influence asap!

We’re so disconnected from ourselves we do anything for attention, acceptance and approval.
Hence the invention of the now commonly accepted ‘Selfie’.
We spend more time posing and posting ‘a character’ of our own creation for comments and likes, but are we so desperate for attention and acknowledgement, we’d rather do that endlessly, than getting out and learning new things, meeting new people and places, to experience new connections and personalities.
To understand those personalities, passions, ideas and ideals.

Probably why it’s called Facebook and not Personality-book.
People care more about showing things off than what makes a person unique or interesting.

But because of the constant sharing and posting of our image, our antics and our beliefs behind the comfort of our screens, we’ve become harsh critics, overly opinionated, self obsessed, socially awkward and quick to judge, hate and discriminate.
We follow, more than we lead.

That, in itself, is unhealthy.

Unlike all other species on earth, we fight, neglect, compete and segregate within our own species, and forget we are on the same side.

Ants, Fish, Birds and every other species work as a team, for the same purpose, the same goal, as a team.
It seems lessor minds can function better together.

But, we can change.
We can create change.
It takes one to change, to influence another, to influence them all.

We just have to WANT change, to better ourselves, for the benefit of everyone.

We’ve all heard famous quotes like “we only fear what we don’t understand” and through fear we act defensively.

Such is this with our health and fitness.
We fear not being accepted for how we look, what we eat, whether we get drunk etc
We also only do, based on our limited knowledge of health & fitness like what to eat, what’s good for us, what works for our own bodies and how to exercise to function properly for as long as we live.

So we have to WANT to know more about health, to put into practice, to WANT to learn the many different ways to exercise to stay fit.
As they say, “If we know better, we do better”


Now, go be awesome. Lead by example. Create change.


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