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Unlimited Group Sessions for just $100Simon Says Personal Training now offers all YOU Fitness Fanatics a chance to cash in on UNLIMITED GROUP FITNESS for just $100 a month!

If you love fitness in the great outdoors, and none better than the amazing landscapes of Coolum Beach, here’s an opportunity to join in on as many Group Fitness Sessions as you like per month, with none better than SSPT!

Some of you might say, but what about the GYM DEALS that offer unlimited 24/7 exercise for cheap?
Yes, they can be great deals as well, no doubt.
BUT NOT with a trainer, that will cost you more..

SSPT groups however are ALWAYS with a trainer and always changing it up with awesome varied outdoor locations!

Simple. Effective. Outdoor exercise, that educates you first, then makes it tougher.
Simply learn how to do ‘What Works’, correctly, and you’ll be able to maintain looking after your health & fitness for a lot longer.
So join in on Fun, Tough, Relatable group workouts.

Even at just 2 sessions a week, that’s only $12.50 each!
To as little as just $5 a session if you squeeze in 5 a week!!
It’s totally up to you..

To start this deal, just email me at : e) energy@simonsayspt.com

P.S there is only one catch..
IF you don’t come often in the month, then obviously the sessions cost you more..
SO! Make sure, if you want to use this deal, you come as often as you can each month!

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