Good Regular Fitness Routines

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As important as your choice was to START some regular fitness, maintaining it is the real goal to achieve, only then does it become Lifestyle.
We all know though, Motivation is just so hard this day and age unless it was your doctor telling you, you have to, but that’s the very last reason for exercise.

The reason’s are simple.
The hard work everyone cringes at.
But the life long results are More than Worth it!

I always tell my clients, you need to find Triggers of Motivation.
Good Music that gets you going.
Movies that inspire you.
Family or Friends passings that teach you, life is precious, to never give up or slow down.
Friends that enjoy exercise that you know will get you off the couch, and don’t take no’s for answers.
Whatever the triggers, they must be ones that are like shots of Adrenalin, an electric charge that says Let’s Go.

Next is the tough part, making it regular.

Stay Tuned to this post.. More coming..

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