“My football (soccer) background makes my style of fitness, I believe, the best blend, as it’s an all-round CORE, STRENGTH & CARDIO mix,
to make you lean, strong, fit & fast!”


+ Football Themed Program : My 1on1 training program has been restructured from 2015  to be styled as if you’re going from a beginner athlete to a FOOTBALL SUPERSTAR! (but no, that doesn’t mean you’ll be kicking a ball around.)
+ Utilizing my background of fitness, which has been over 27 years of football playing & coaching, 1on1 fitness with SSPT is simply broken up into 3 parts to provide INCENTIVES & DISCOUNTS for you to earn, while working your way to a FITTER YOU!
+ To prove that SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, EVERYDAY exercises work and keep you fit, it’s about Learning, Committing & Making Habits, not just smashing you with fitness, without teaching you the WHY as some trainers give out.
Football style fitness I believe is the best, as it’s all-round CORE, STRENGTH & CARDIO, to make you lean, strong, fit & fast!
+ So with this 1on1 program, your first session is like a try out for the team (check what fitness you have & go over some basics), your second session is the beginning of pre-season (commit to a 5 pack with a discount) but it’s time to get stuck in and then the 3rd phase is making the team (commit to a 10 pack for a bigger discount) but now the hard work begins!
+ So your effort and results over sessions will determine the price you pay (physically & financially).
+ So SIGN UP now, change your lifestyle, your body, and your fitness for your future!


Includes : warm up, exercises, stretches.
Core, Strength, Cardio, Balance, Flexibility.
Resistance Bands, Boxing & Kickboxing, Beach Fitness, and Awesome varied locations!
Experience awesome outdoor training at locations across the Sunshine Coast such as Parks, Beaches, Stairs, Boardwalks and so much more!


+ First session “Team Trial” only $59 per session !!
+ 5 Pack Upfront of sessions “Pre-Season” only $50 per session !!
+ 10 Pack Upfront of sessions “Season/Made the Team” ONLY $40 per session !!
+ Payment Details :
– Click Here


Exercise, Food Diary & Goal sheets to take home and fill in to keep track.
Learn about what foods can help boost your body and figure out fitness goals to go after!
Text / Email whenever you need advice, feedback etc.
Realign, recover, be ready for the DAY!

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+ Use RESISTANCE Bands :
Experience how much you can get from working with Resistance Bands, so you don’t rely on machines and gyms. Awesome for Rehab too! And you can purchase the BEST value for money set right through SSPT here πŸ™‚
Understand your body & correct movements. How to perform exercises properly, using good posture and breathing.
Learn technique, then power, then speed, to get fit with boxing.


+ CORE Building :
Most important first, develop your core muscles.
+ STRENGTH Building :
To benefit from exercise, you need strong muscles to cope.
+ Sprint Style CARDIO :
Calorie burner. Short & sharp. Easy recovery.
Work HARD to melt away unwanted FAT.


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SIMON SAYS GURU QUOTE : 'having Purpose, provides you a path to follow, having None, in circles you will go..'
been awhile since I posted one of my guru rants, but after going to Japan, and seeing such purpose, effort & efficiency etc, it reminded me of Why do we do what we do..
Every motivational post you see these days, from amateur to professional speaker, really focus on the WHY.
If you do things without knowing the why, the question is why do you do it all? And if just 'because', or you 'like it', is it giving off the desired outcome, or are you simply going around in circles..?
Take Health & Fitness, seeing this is a page for that 😏 if you don't fully understand the why (of trying to be fit & healthy), or commit to it, honestly look at the notion of, are you just going in circles?
Train hard for a few days, then have a few bad days, eat bad, drink a bit, etc to only do the same thing, next week, the week after etc etc..
But imagine that cycle was instead you climbing a mountain and at the top was a once in a lifetime view, or maybe it's something more realistic, like building a house, that you can actually pay off, or saving for an amazing trip somewhere..
If you kept making the same errors and started again & again & again.. how would that make you feel about ever reaching that end outcome? Or even continuing with it at all?
Now, if you focused, really understood the PURPOSE of why you are going to do this thing, to get to this outcome.. the path to the outcome becomes so much clearer. It's like being handed a map, or even a map of a maze, and then the path was highlighted.. would you vere off that path, just because?
No chance!
I can admit, I was simply working, playing football, coming up with ideas that never happened, over & over for the last 20 years, I know how stupid that sounds. But only since about June 2017, when I decided, I'm going to Japan, so I'm booking this trip, and really focused on it & made it happen, did I realise having that purpose, also gave me drive, a reason to do what I do, a reason to go to work, and work harder, but the big part was understanding that reason, committing to it and believing in it.
Now, what's next? πŸ˜ƒ
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SSPT 1st Session Back - It's Only Rain.. ... See MoreSee Less

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SSPT - I'm Back!! Let's Do This! ... See MoreSee Less

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5:00am & 6:00am at Surf Club Coolum
Boxing πŸ₯Š
*depending on numbers weather etc, we'll try box undercover, otherwise we'll still do a mixed session like we just did thu arv*
(comment if coming)
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5:30pm at Surf Club Coolum
Now.. with this rain, boxing may be a little difficult to find enough cover, BUT I'm still keen to run a Strength & Cardio mix for those who don't care about the rain.. πŸ’ͺ🀨
So, i'll bring boxing gear, but if it rains, we'll do something still..
(comment if coming)
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