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sspt_fitnesscoolum_positive_influence.jpgDo you have or need a positive health & fitness influence around you?
If you’re looking to change or improve your health & fitness, or any area in your life, the best advice you will receive off anyone experienced in the matter, is to surround yourself with good people.

Those who provide a positive influence. A positive attitude and mindset. Who already live the lifestyle you seek. Someone you see as skilled or an expert in the issue, as they are living proof.

If your close circle of friends drink too much, binge on junk food too much, and don’t really exercise too much, then there’s a really strong chance (unless you’re the super motivated type) that you will suffer the same lifestyle habits.

If you need a kickstart in either area, the best and obvious decision is to find new people you can start being around who do engage in regular exercise and foodies who embrace healthy habits and really love talking about good foods.

Like any new relationship, joining a sporting team, social club etc, feeling like the odd one out is normal, so don’t stress.
The more you continue, commit and practice your new interests, the more you will feel like it’s part of you.
Like being in any new relationship, where for example your partner likes heavy metal or pop music, you firstly become tolerant, then soon enough accept it, then eventually and strangely stay enjoying some of it.
Because you’re surrounded by it.
And if it happens enough, you will end up involved somehow in it.

So some good tips are :

Firstly join a group of some kind (such as a fitness group, like SSPT group fitness, or social sport) or at least get together your own group of friends you know who want to do the same journey and commit to regular outings so you stay accountable.

Second. Start going to healthier cafes and restaurants, instead of bakeries, pubs and takeaways to ensure you have better options and can experience more healthy food options or even get ideas for home.

Third. Unfortunately this means some sacrifices. Less social outings that include alcohol. Taking packed food instead of relying on buying out.
If you don’t but it, it won’t be in the house.
Possibly hanging out less with your bad influence family/friends and more with your positive ones. I realize that last one sounds harsh, but you have to be serious and honest with yourself, that you can’t expect anything to change if you continue hanging around those who aren’t helping your health & fitness.

Lastly. Mindset.
Continuely tell yourself new mantras that will glue in your mind.
I am healthy now.
I don’t eat/drink that crap anymore.
I exercise whenever i can.
I’m going to do these things, because they are important to me.
I’m no longer going to let myself fall behind with the crowd who also don’t care.

I’m telling you, the positive mindset thing works!
All my football team mates enjoy beers after the game and they’re allowed to, it’s their choice. I however learnt to say i didn’t want any and stick to my decision and I’m happy i have, as i feel good about being one of the fittest in the team at 32 years old, along with a 16 and 19 year old.
I’m rarely injured.
I’m never sick.
I have learnt to love new foods over the years and really get to know what each type can do for your body.

Surround yourself with Positive Influence, that encourages you to live a healthy and active lifestyle and you’ll definitely see the positive changes in your life!


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