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sspt_fitness_feeling_doing.jpgThe difference between feeling things about your fitness and actually just doing things about your fitness is usually the determining factor in whether you get anywhere with your fitness.

Some of us are just logic machines. The hardwork. The constant routine. The daily habit. The ability to just do, without interference from outside world.

Others are driven by their emotional state. Do they feel up to it. How do they feel after yesterday’s workout. What other life issues are consuming their state of mind.

It doesn’t mean one can’t still benefit from both. Some people can go harder if they use an emotional motivation. While some who are more emotional can still get there thinking about the possible rewards of completing one task at a time.

But, (yes there is always a but) when emotion hinders your ability to get things done, it can become the dictator to your fitness regime if you don’t learn to understand and control your feelings.

The definition of emotion is :
‘a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.’
‘instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge.’

When it comes to fitness and emotions, how this definition can affect us, is when you’re too emotional to see how exercise can be your cure, your solution, your injection of good feelings, by which exercise provides that release of endorphins in the brain, to lift your mood.
In other words, you may loathe the idea of getting up and getting active, because of your feelings, but if you do, if you can force yourself to just get into it, those negative feelings will soon be traded off for positive, reinforcing and motivational ones.

Emotion is best described as :
‘E-motion = Energy in Motion’
Emotions come and go as any energy in motion does.
But there is a down side, that if that energy is unable to move on and builds up, soon enough when it wants to move or may be forced to, the amount of energy released can cause a far more explosive reaction.

Without becoming a downer myself, just remember that emotions do pass and the best way to approach them is to learn to tune into them, for the sake of understanding your emotions.

What made you feel that way?
How does it make you feel?
And now you’ve thought about how and what made you feel like that, what could be the logical solution to help those emotions move on?
Positive communication.
Positive action.
Positive self affirmations.

So, finally, again back to the feelings & doings of your health & fitness.
I realize it sounds easier than it is to simply ‘stop feeling things about your health & fitness, and start doing things about your health & fitness’, but know if you just try and give that snowball a push down the mountain that momentum will see you through to building up and up, until you become that massive snowball of energy on a path where no obstacles will get in your way, they will just seem like exciting challenges to overcome.

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Stop feeling things about your health & fitness!
Start doing things about your health & fitness!


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